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Astrology for Today - 6th March 2013

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Transits 060313

A quick look at the astrological weather today as it is interesting. We have the Moon coming into contact as it always every 28 days or so with Pluto in Capricorn. Today's connection is at the point of a rather powerful mini grand trine.

On one side of the trine we have Saturn retrograde, on the other is the Sun in wide arc to Saturn conjunct Mercury and Venus who are much closer to the action at 11 degrees, the same degree that Pluto and Saturn are sitting at right now.

This is constructive energy, we are able to chat and converse and able to relate, we can be frank and honest about existing situations and relationships. We can build alliances and forge stronger links. This trine as I said focuses in on Pluto and the Moon, and through this conjunction we can delve into the heart of any matter be it psychological or emotional. Pluto and the Moon are square to Uranus so there is a chance to update, to renew and freshen up any situation. There is a square from Venus/Mercury to Jupiter that bring a chance to open up and expand on anything we need to, it allows us to see the bigger picture.

The Sun is on fixed stars Achernar and Ankaa now so the solar energy is changeable, connected with rapidly changing situations and the possibility of a crisis occurring. Ankaa suggest a brand new start, rising from the ashes (Ankaa is a star in the constellation of the Phoenix) dealing with death or the ending of a situation and having a task of rebuilding or renewing. In Venezuela, this exactly is what is happening after the death of their leader Hugo Chavez

These are fleeting hits, but important ones, connecting exactly in a few hours, around 19.00 UK time or early afternoon in the US. Take the opportunity (sextiles provide opportunities) to move any situation on a little today and make constructive changes, it may well be worth your while to doing so...

This feature is something I am considering doing now and again on my blog if we get an interesting picture in the skies like today and if I get a good response from people visiting my pages. I already do this type of thing on my Facebook page.

Please tweet or share the post to spread it’s reach and let me know if you find this kind of brief snapshot of the planets useful and informative…

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