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Asian-Style Hosting

By Yonni @vegandthecity
As my longtime readers know, I have been in a book group for years...YEARS!  We meet once a month and legitimately try to read whatever book the person whose turn it is to choose, selects.
However, we don't always do that.
Some of us work, all of us have kids...things happen and reading doesn't always take priority.
Asian-Style HostingThis was one of those months where reading the book (Crazy Rich Asians) was just not going to happen.  And I admit, I felt badly, but I wound up hosting and made it up my friends by serving an Asian dinner ~ which was totally vegan and gluten-free!
Ok - one other admission.  While it was creative, I didn't cook. Not a thing.  So this was really just a clever, take out dinner.
Asian-Style HostingHere's what I did:
I set the table with some bamboo woven mats and chopsticks.
I always have seaweed snacks in the house, so I put some on the table in place of flowers, in addition to roasted edamame and seasoned rice snacks (which are full of flavor and have no fat!)
From my local Whole Foods I bought:
Sesame soy sugar snap peas with slivered peppers
Cabbage and apple slaw with scallions
From my favorite local Asian-Fusion restaurant I bought:
Vegetable fried rice (sticky rice, lots of veggies, and no egg)
Singapore noodles with vegetables (they are thin rice noodles if they have them by you)
Tofu satay with bean sprouts and a peanut sauce
A warm wild mushroom salad
The little dishes on the plates themselves? That was a sample of Body Fuel Crunch - not on theme, but my creation so it was a gift to my guests.
Of course we had champagne (it was both my birthday and my friend, Lisa's) and tequila (no, not on theme either) and delicious fresh fruit.  One of the women brought cupcakes that were not vegan, but the frozen toppings were!  For the record, while I am the only vegan, there were virtually no leftovers to speak of!

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