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Ash Wednesday and Lent.

By Katherine @pbrunnerblog
For those of you who celebrate Lent, you know that last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It finally got cool in our little corner of south Texas.
Ash Wednesday and Lent.It was really a lovely day at school. I know this sounds bad, but I loved how dark and gloomy it was. It fit the Lenten mood and looked just beautiful to me!Ash Wednesday and Lent.
This is my school's courtyard. I think it's so beautiful. Getting to walk to each class outside through this is one of those little things that I really value.
Ash Wednesday and Lent.
I got ashes on my forehead! Can you tell it's a cross? Apparently I had one of the prettier crosses on my forehead! Oh my, but it's the meaning that counts!
Ash Wednesday and Lent.Ash Wednesday and Lent.
I had a little Ash Wednesday photo shoot via Snapchat to let my brother know what was going on. Mainly I was giving him the big reveal and telling him what I decided to give up for Lent.
I decided...
dun dun dun dun
to give up peanut butter.
Ash Wednesday and Lent.
Yes, this is my shocked face. Yes, I don't know how I'll manage. Yes, I must be crazy. Yes, I will do this. No, I don't need any of that below.
Ash Wednesday and Lent.
So, I hope everyone had a wonderful start to their Lenten season, and if you're thinking about it, send positive vibes to my non peanut butter eating self.
Oh, and Harrison is giving up pizza! A college boy giving up a survival food, so he may need the positive vibes more than me!

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