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As Mueller Closes In...this Guilty Man Just Can't Hide His Guilt

Posted on the 26 August 2017 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten

"Nothing is more wretched than the Mind of a Man Conscious of Guilt" ~~~ Plautus
Wholesale Pardons including Himself, for Crimes not yet prosecuted and/or convicted?? The heavy stench of Guilt is flowing in the air, and blowing throughout the D.C area...but, nowhere more concentrated than around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
The hardest act of a Scam Artist is to continuously show his Two Face when he tells you; "Trust Me"! as hard as he tries to conceal his guilt...and remember, Trump's mind seriously lives within his own delusional imagination! matter how much he tries, he has a way of accusing absolutely everyone else, while candidly and very stupidly leaking out his own Guilt, every day, every Tweet.Donald Trump wants absolute power to Pardon Himself, cause Donald Trump knows and the World knows, he's Guilty of being the most sinful & evil human being ever to occupy the office of the US Presidency...and then, some!
It's True! Watching this Man-Baby every day of his life, totally freak the sh*t out of himself, because of the Investigations and the Grand Juries, or Russian pressure, Money-laundering talks, and all his "Fake News"! And especially his private business and his Taxes!! He would kill for 'those' Tax Returns not be made Public!!Yes, Plautus was right; Nothing is more wretched to see than a Man, who's very Conscious of his own Guilt!!
Direct Lies and Plausible Deniability has been Trump's Modus Operandi throughout his entire life...and for a man, with as many Clinical Psychopathic Traits as the Trumpster? No! he doesn't listen to anyone whatsoever, period! His Presidency runs the way he runs his life...totally Illegal Business Dealings, Making $$$$$ in whatever he's involved in, Direct Lies, and always claiming Plausible Deniability!
Who's surprised that Donald Trump is being investigated for the worst crimes a sitting President has ever been involved in?? Absolutely no one!! Only an insincere, shameless, dishonorable, indecent degenerate and laughable clown would grant Pardon to Himself...if he could.
But, what happens if the Courts say he can do it, and Pardon Himself??What else can happen after Committing the worse crime an American President could ever commit...the Treasonous Act of Collaborating with a Hostile Foreign Government, allowing Russians to electronically intervene and compromise our Democracy, and spy on our Nation...what else can happen?? How about Controlling the Red Button to bully his way around the world? While his Pardoned Boy Toy, Jared Kushner keeps raking in the family Gold?? What else can happen?...personally, I really don't want to think what would happen...or even know!!
Now, as deep desperation sets in this little man, his urgent need to end the investigation has taken drastic fire Robert Mueller and stop the investigation, he needs to rid himself of AG Jeff Sessions, and appoint someone who will 'Sieg Heil' his ass all day long...a rumor, this is 'only' just a rumor; Trump might be thinking about another "Liaison Amoureuse" with his cross-dressing pal, Rudy Giuliani, as Sessions' replacement. YouTube's video on these two old Clowns, is going to go viral...again!A Cross-dressing Attorney General?!?!...only in Donald Trump's Reality Circus Show; "The Presidency: Season 1"
He needs to do something, and fast...and now, with Homeland Security's Gen. John Kelly taking over Priebus's job? more questions arise...moving Sessions to HS to save face? might not offend his Followers as much, but he'll still have to Recuse Himself from any Russian Investigation!Meanwhile, Kelly who worked at Homeland Security and spoke at the Hearings, is now going to try to save our Non-Guapo & Cowardly President from Impeachment or Jail Time? No one can advise this mentally disturbed Sociopath...he's his own Trainwreck disaster!!A photo of Kelly tells the whole story babysitting Trump; standing with his arms folded, head down and shaking it back and forth…probably thinking why the hell he took this job and pondering how to save this entire Dead On Arrival Presidency!
Degrading and insulting his own pick for AG, cause he refused to protect him and recused himself, instead?The President is losing it more and more everyday…and in front of the world! It's becoming a noticeable topic of conversation in the streets and the Media. Always an embarrassment, but know Mental Health Issues, too?
His sleazy and degrading tweets continue daily…now, his outbursts with the GOP and Congress is causing trouble and tension throughout DC.Intensive verbal shouting matches in Private with Mitch McConnell, cause he couldn't pass Trumpcare and wouldn't protect him from Mueller, with Bob Corker (TN), also for not protecting him from Russiagate, and the same with Thom Tillis (NC). Now he's divorcing himself from Paul Ryan and the GOP…a very stupid move by the very stupid, Mr. Stupid, who desperately needs to have a Bill passed, something, anything in his Presidency for some type of legitimacy!
And why won't he Fire Sessions? Cause this it's not the Apprentice, and in real life, this wormy little orange supercoward of a man, don't have what it takes, doesn't have the face to tell Sessions; "You're Fired"!
Resignations are coming from Right and Left…numerous staff members and complete Presidential Counsels, almost all of them, all walking out in Mass. It's just so much a person can take before he or she resigns their Self-Denial and see Trump for what he really is…a Hateful Human Being, a Bigot, and a Racist till his dying days!It also appears as if Secretary of State Rex "Exxon/Russia" Tillerson may also exit Stage Right soon, and probably a "Subpoena" along with that resignation!
And now! The infamous Russian Dossier; 40,000 pages worth and a Golden Shower Flick!This Dossier is considered by many, the roadmap for the investigation, and another piece of the Puzzle connecting the Russian Government, Russia's Alfa Bank, Big $$ Oil Oligarchs, Ukrainian $$, Germany's Deutsche Bank, $$ Laundering...and all ending at Trump Tower!!
Oscar Wilde once said; "Consistency is the last Refuge of the Unimaginative". Well, the consistency of absolutely no imagination is certainly the norm in the sustained incoherence of this chaotic White House!A Batshit Crazy White House in total utter chaos since...oh well, Day 1? You never get the same story twice from anyone. Horseshit reigns supreme inside the Oval Office and it spreads throughout the Halls of the White House to the West Wing...where they're recycled right back into New Horseshit!
What can We, the People do? Listen to what Robert F. Kennedy said, and think about it;“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
My friends, Resist Trumpism until its very last dying breath!!! Trump romanticizes Fascism!...believe me, there's nothing, absolutely nothing Romantic about Fascism whatsoever.  Now, in his own way, he's "Demanding" from his Subordinates and from the GOP, all their Allegiance, Loyalty, and especially their "Protection" against any investigations!...this undignified coward and so called President needs to realize that Congress was elected to protect its Citizens, not the President! their loyalty is to their constituency, not the President!...remember, this coward was Elected to Protect America, his Loyalty is owed to the American People!...not an ever loving loyalty to Russia's Oligarchy and Vladimir Putin!If he wants Protection, ask the FBI, or the Secret Service who someday might have to take a Bullet to save his worthless sorry life!  And all he does is continue to spew his hate and criticism on American Intel, and praise Russian Intelligence!...what a f*cking treasonous schmuck!!
We're on the verge of a giant Constitutional Crisis never seen or experienced before...the sh*t is closing in at that Fan...and King Donald's continued failure in his quest for Superhuman Greatness, is becoming an obsession!! Most cowards love Power, and Donald Trump is capable of doing absolutely "anything" to stay in Power...I don't believe the Military will back him up...but this little lunatic Psychopath with his little hands and his new little Red Button toy is one Dangerous Ding Dong!
With everything in this Nation becoming more disturbing by the day...I'll leave you with a last disturbing thought; As Trump's Larceny of America, continues...what Crimes on Humanity? what Criminal Acts? what Illegalities? even, what "Laws" would stand up?...if Trump has the Absolute Power to Pardon Himself?!?!
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