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As Beautiful As Your Work - My Contest Entry for Mia by Tanishq Bloggers Contest

By Get Set Blush @GetSet_Blush
Hey people
ever wondered that the girl out there whom you see at work every day is beautiful?
Well, I always thought of it. But never tried expressing that. So, here I come with my entry for a bloggers contest. It is more like expressing my admiration and gratitude towards this lady rather a mere contest.
I respect this woman (only next to my mom :D)
This woman is Sunitha. I happened to know her through my sister. She is her friend's mother. I had a chance to meet her on a birthday party.
Coming to the reasons why I like her,she dresses up fashionably. She wears the kurti/saree to a client meeting. But when it comes to the family outing with kids, she is seen in the casual outfit. Short hair she has and a dusky beauty. Her face just glows with the self confidence.   
Personal Stuff:
She is a mother of two children. She had to marry when she is pretty young. She married a guy whom she loved. Okay, what's so great in it is the question, right? How many of you will still marry a guy who is physically ill. Yeah, he has a problem in his left leg which makes things difficult for him. The best part, she doesn't consider that as a sacrifice but she is proud of him. 
Professional Information:
She is an MBA graduate from a prestigious university. She worked as an employee for an MNC for few years and later she started up her own software company. She is an HR in the same company. The company is 5 years old and running super successfully. No, she made it run that way.
She balances the office and home beautifully.  She never backed down. She tried her best at everything. Nothing came easy to her starting from her career, her marriage, her company. She took them as challenges and finally now a winner. Nobody supported her except her husband. She could do everything she started and aimed at. Thanks to her strong will power.
This is just a small message from me to say her that "Aunty, you rock!!"
Sorry, that I am unable to upload a picture of her (she will not like it).

I know every girl's first love is her mother. I admit that too.

I have two very important women in my life. They are my mother and sister. Apart from them, I see the Mia women everywhere around me. I feel every girl is precious and beautiful in their own way.
I would like to thank tanishq for giving me this brilliant opportunity to put forth my thoughts.
Please do check the TVC created by Tanishq for all the beautiful women out there. ps:
This is an article written for the Tanishq's blogger's contest.
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