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As Bad As a Black Man Gets

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Calvinthedog
Idi Amin, as bad as a Black man gets.

Idi Amin, as bad as a Black man gets.

That’s him all right. I will say this, and the race-deniers will eat me for lunch for saying it, but I will say it anyway and the Hell with the race-deniers anyway.

There is indeed a stereotypical personality not only of a Black person, but of a Black man. I will be honest here and say that there are good and bad aspects of the stereotypical Black male personality. The good aspects are quite good. In fact, if I could isolate the good aspects of the Black male personality, distill them down, and incorporate them into my own personality, it would be quite useful as long as I could moderate this personality for there is even a downside to the good aspects of the Black male personality.

Suffice to say that it is almost an extreme version of extroversion with all of the good and bad that goes along with extroversion. I think a lot of men could benefit from a distilled and refined version of the good aspects of the Black male personality. I think these aspects can lead to success in many areas of life.

Of course good cannot exist without evil. Possibly it can theoretically, but in realis we still operate in a binary world where good and evil are defined by their polar, relational and opposite relationship to each other. How do we know some behavior is bad or evil? Because it is the precise and polar opposite of a possible good behavior that could have been done instead in those circumstances.

Almost every time someone is acting bad, we only know that they are acting bad because of how a good person would have engaged in good behavior in this circumstance. That is, for most life events, there are good ways and bad ways to deal with it. The bad ways are defined by being the opposite of the bad ways. When we note that someone acts bad, we point out how they could have acted good under the same circumstances. In other words, bad is defined by its relationship to good.

If good behavior did not exist, we would have no way to define bad behavior. Good and bad behaviors are so defined in that we compare them to their opposites on the other side of the mirror. When everyone acts bad, bad will have no meaning because there will be no good to compare it to. Bad behavior will simply become normal behavior and good behavior will be simply a theoretical philosophical abstraction that is never seen in the real world.

Getting around to my main point, as there is a good side to the normative Black male personality, there is also a bad side to this stereotypical personality. All honest people not yet destroyed by PC and modern anti-racism know what this bad side is. Sadism, love of cruelty, extreme egotism, high extroversion, an easy, devil may care sense of humor, often extreme charm, the “bad boy” persona, lack of anxiety, worry and for that matter foresight or guilt, oversexualization, a love of the spontaneous and sensual over the abstract and the cerebral…you get the picture.

You take everything bad about the Black man and exaggerate it to its worst proportions, and wa-la – you have Idi Amin, a spokesmen for sheer Black masculinity and personality with all of the bad elements maximized as high as they can be.

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