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Aromatherapy Gold - Aroma Squeeze Me

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
Aromatherapy Gold - Aroma Squeeze Me
Aromatherapy Gold - Aroma Squeeze Me
Aromatherapy Gold - Aroma Squeeze MeI have been interested in Aromatherapy Gold products for a little while now after following them on twitter a while back. So when they said they were looking for bloggers to review some new products I jumped at the chance.
As some of you may know, I suffer with anxiety and insomnia so anything that can help with that is always welcomed.
These are stress balls that are full with essential oil that either help you relax or give you energy. These are dough balls that contain grapeseed oil and other organic essentials oils
The one I was most excited about trying was the Stress Relief ball which is full of Lavender and Bergamot which are both soothing and relaxing scents.
These are really good fun and take me back to being a kid playing with play dough, which is enough in itself to make you feel more relaxed. As soon as you start squeezing these you are hit by the lovely scent. I spend hours playing with this in the evening whilst watching youtube video's and reading blog posts. Also I found that I have been sleeping a lot better after using these before bed so I definitely think the essential oils help.
The Energising ball is a really uplifting fragrance like you would expect and contains Grapefruit and Geranium. I try & give this a sniff in the morning to wake me up but don't really have much time to play with it. I quite like using it after my lunch when I get that afternoon slump to give me a pick me up.
The only slight downside with these is the packaging. It comes in a little plastic bag in a tin which is nice, but don't do what I did and squeeze it while it is in the bag as it gets stuck all inside and is really hard to get out. (Told you I'm big child) I didn't do this with the energising one and I could remove it from the bag a lot easier. You are meant to put the stress balls back in the bags after to keep them fresh which is a little difficult but I only find this a minor issue, nothing that would stop me using them. 
Overall I think these are great, fun thing to use to help with the daily stresses. I know I will purchase the Stress relief one again, I am still making my mind up about the energising one. These last for 6 months though so plenty of time for it to grow on me more.
These retail for £4.75 or you can get both of them for £8.95. You can purchase them from the site here.
Have you tried these or anything similar before?
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