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Aren't Profiles Fascinating?

By Forevermelody
Not a profile article on an interesting person, but a person's profile. The side of their face. It's a tough look to pull off.
Flip through a fashion magazine and look for profile shots, you'll probably be able to count them on one hand. Yet, profiles are one of my favorite things to study (and some of my favorite articles to write).
When you're drawing front-on you have to worry about getting both sides to look proportional to each other and more-or-less mirrored. A profile is far more simple.
I love the strong, intimate feel of a profile. Like you're sitting with your lover at the movies or on the couch at home, or maybe you're studying their face while they sleep next to you.
So here's a profile I made for funsies. I used a picture of Grace Kelly for reference.
Aren't profiles fascinating?
This was a pretty quick illustration, took me around 30 minutes. It's good practice with the pen tool.
What do you think? I'm have so much fun learning how to use Adobe Illustrator!

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