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Are We Not All Alone?

By Misslara16 @misslara
So I have been writing some really crazy ficticious stories recently, this is not fiction its the way I see friendship, life and love sometimes. If you find it a little disturbing don't judge its just how I feel sometimes.
So, my conclusion is we are all alone ultimately. It doesnt matter how many people you have in your life, how many friends you have or if you are in love or not. Ultimately we are alone, those times we actually need our friends, the ones who claim to love us they never show up.
You go out on a limb for people not for the wrong reasons, but because thats how you naturally are, you just want to help and be there for the ones you call friend, even when its not convenient. You do all these and then you need the tiniest favour and yea, they are no where to be found, excuses; usually painfully flimsy.
We are alone either we choose to accept that fact or not, those things on your mind that you will never tell a soul, it eats at you every day and you shove deeper down with every smile, You are alone.
You have a faboulous time out with the girls and you are home alone at night crying your eyes out, the fact that you use a good concealer does not change the fact that... You are alone.
You have a successful business but you would rather be with a woman you met 5 years after you married your wife, you yearn for her, you would kill to have her, but you would never admit to that, you will never tell anyone...You are alone
Times in which you think of  a crazy idea and you laugh, you think of what your friends will feel, say or so and you swallow it, you are alone.
You are in love with a person, you would think they love you too, but you know deep down he doesnt love you but you never bring up the topic, you wont admit this to anyone... You are alone.
The list can go on and on, we have people around us everytime, we have friends and family we would do anything for, but trust me when the chips are down you are alone, we are ultimately alone.

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