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Are Gay Men Wimpy?

Posted on the 09 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y is one of the last typical hardcore liberal-Lefties on the site – the rest of us were lost to heterogeneity long ago. The following is a to and fro he and I recently had in the comments section:

Jason Y: A lot of Asian schoolkids in their home country are very cruel and intolerant. They only respect people they think are superior. Asians seem wimpy in the US, because they aren’t the bosses here. I know all this because I taught ESL in South Korea.

But then again, that’s the way kids are everywhere. I suppose it’s character building for the victim.

Robert Lindsay: Boys are iron. Childhood is a blazing forge. Those who make it through the 2000 degree flames emerge as steel men. Those who do not? Dunno. Gays, wimps, damaged.

JY: I don’t think gays are wimps as a group. Probably the same proportion of wimps in them, as in other groups.

RL: Any group of men who typically act not only like women, but like stereotypically effeminate ultra-women, is by definition not masculine, feminine and wimpy. To be feminine is to be wimpy, pussy, sissy, whatever. Gay men can be pretty mean, but when they are, they typically come across bitchy like an angry woman. Straight women are terrified of “macho fags” – I know this because many of them have shuddered in terror talking about them, presumably because these queers are going to rape them in the ass. But dangerous, violent or even aggressive in the male sense type queers are quite rare. Don’t think I ever met one in my life.

There were some queers in the punk rock scene when I was deep into it. Some of those guys were pretty aggro. As a general rule, the more masculine and aggressive a gay man acts, they more likely he screws women too. Masculinity and aggression are markers of heterosexuality and/or sex with women. Femininity and wimpiness and markers of homosexuality and/or sex with men. Lesbians and straight women also follow this same rule.

That is not to say that gay men won’t fight back! Traditionally, gay guys have been getting their asses kicked ever since they were little sissy boys. A lot of them have gotten sick and tired of it and in addition, these assaults, especially in adulthood, can be seriously damaging or fatal. Hence I was told that many gay men have learned self-defense such as karate and judo, and if you try to mess with them, they will kick your ass something awful.

There are definitely some homosexual criminals, but have never met one myself in real life, though I saw one in a courtroom once when he was on trial for serial murder.

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