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Are Emoticons Replacing Emotions?

By Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne
Are emoticons replacing emotions?
I just received a text from my dorm mate who lives next to my room asking me if I will go for dinner in the mess.
I also received a happy birthday text from my cousin at 12 on my birthday this year.
and this my dear friend does not amuse me.
Lets be honest for a minute or until you have read this post. How many of us sends birthday wishes or festive greetings on Facebook, text message or whatsapp? Most importantly, how many of us use mobile phones or a laptop to communicate with the people in the same house? Now that is insane!
Sometimes there are good reasons to use this method of communication. If you text or email, you have a better chance of remembering to perform a certain task and whose face doesn't light up when they can re-read those mushy conversation with their loved one time and again? but there are somethings that you need to talk face-to-face and we simply don't.
Are we being too addicted with the social media?
If we are then we are totally missing the point of why they were created in the first place.
However we may deny it,nothing can replace a verbal communication than a nor verbal one. But why are we running away from real conversation? Why do we tend to take the easier way out and text someone rather than calling them or meeting them?
I think it is partly because of the busy life everyone has these days or they like to call themselves busy, that is. It is much easier to text a message than call and have to make a small talk.
It is easier to reply to a message than a phone call.
We don't want to invest our time to have a proper heart to heart talk with our loved ones and instead exchange a line or two than participate in a meaningful debate.
While this is easier, we tend to miss out on so many things than we realize. The warmth, the conversation, it all goes so deep from here.
"We are creating a world that is replacing emotions with emoticons"
The next time you want to tell someone something. Stop! Don't whatsapp him/her. Pick up the phone and call.
Sometimes it is better to hear a human voice rather than the ping of the phone.
Sometimes it is better to hear the laugh of someone rather than see a yellow face who seems to laugh in the text message as an emoticon.
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