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Are Bad People Ever Right? Yes. Are Good People Ever Wrong? Yes.

Posted on the 08 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

The Manosphere is a horrible place full of awful men. I want to vomit whenever I go to one of their sites, especially the PUA sites as those are the worst of all. MGTOW sites are ok but the misogyny is extreme and very hard to take. My enemies say I am an MRA. If I am an MRA, why am I repulsed by most MRA sites? They also say that I am a misogynist. If I am a misogynist, why am I almost physically repelled by the misogyny of the Manosphere?

Even though the Manosphere is awful, sadly many of the things they say are true.

This is where all PC and Identity Politics goes wrong. PC types and gender feminists say that the Manosphere and those in it are awful people and therefore everything they say is a lie. But this is not true. Sadly, awful human beings are often correct in many of the often brutally honest things they say. Just because someone is awful doesn’t mean they are wrong. And good people are not necessarily telling the truth. Many good people are full of nonsense.

In Logic, this is called an ad hominem fallacy. The argument tries to say that the opponent is a bad human being somehow and therefore what he says is either wrong or cannot be trusted. But this is a fallacy for the same reason I gave above. Bad people are often correct about many things they say.

If you hang around them long enough, you will notice that PC types, gender feminists and the rest utilize logical fallacies constantly. This is because they are ideologues and ideologues not only lie all the time but they specialize in logical fallacy. Also it shows that PC in general is based on weak thinking and poor to nonexistent theory. PC has almost no valid theoretical underpinning behind it. It’s a castle of sand.

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