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Anyone Love Singing?? JOIN ME!

By Yessy_suwandi @yessy_1988
Third posts today! But this time I'm going to post about my current most favorite apps on my ipad, it's "SING!"
This is how it looks. You can download it on Apps Store,  it's also available on Google PLAY.
Anyone love singing?? JOIN ME!
And here are some of my precious singles sang with this app, ENJOY!
"Lucky" original song by Jason and Colbie
"Call Me Maybe" original song by me *getslapped* Okay, okay.. Carly Rae.... lol
"Lazy Song" original song by my baby Bruno
"She Will Be Loved" original song by Maroon 5

Heyyyy, i'm not that bad with singing girlssss, don't laugh that loudd!!! lololol.Seriously, you should download this app, i almost spend my spare time (and also my stress one) by singing on this app, it really sounds good! Trust me. No, no,nooooo i'm not being paid or sponsoredddd, i just wanna share my funtime with you all.Go, go download it! Don't forget  to follow me ^^
Lotta Love,Yessy

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