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Another Year Over.....

By Rubytuesday
🎉We rang in the new year last night at homeThere were 8 of usWe players board games And drank fizzy drinks out of champagne flutes When the clock striked 12We all piled over to my neighbours house to wish her a happy new yearShe said it had made her night I got to bed around 2amAnd found it really hard to wake up this morningI dragged my weary self out of bedMade a cup of teaAnd promptly fell back to sleep again on the couch I woke an hour later Still feeling extremely tiredBut I put my coat and hat onAnd headed out with Honey and LeaI had been walking for about 5 minutes When I began feeling a little strange Like all blood had drained from my faceAnd I was going to throw upI turned back straight away As I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or not It took me forever to make it home Takings breaksStopping and starting But everything was difficult I couldn't get my breath My body felt like it was fighting against meI arrived home finally My mother knew straight away something was wrong When I walked in and collapsed in to a chair I told her what had happenedShe asked if I had painI didn't She made me tea and toastAnd I took a hot water bottle in to the living roomWhere I write this 
I have to admit I am worried That this is happening againThat my body is fighting against itselfEven if it's not quite pancreatitis It's still a sign that all is not well with my health  Nothing about this is going
I'm going to leave it at that for nowI'm going to rest And try and take care of myself Until tomorrow....,

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