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Another New Button + Apology (Read)

By Ribbonsandbowsox @rebecc4dennison
Today has been spent frantically trying to fix and update my blog. I tried to change my blog title font and unfortunately, it said it had an error somewhere. After an hour frantically deleting things from my html code, to see if it was that, that was effecting it, I finally figured it out. This resulted in a new blog button to match the title. I decided that it looked too plain and I decided to re-design it again, for the second time today. I came to this decision after I decided I was going to tell everyone I had a new button, only to realize I wanted to change it again. I really don't want to comment on peoples blogs again, after I already have today telling them about a new button. My new blog button code is over to the right so please take it if you'd like! If you want to do a button swap, I am open to do that!
My new button...
Ribbons and Bows ox
<div align="center"><br /><a href="" title="Ribbons and Bows ox" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Ribbons and Bows ox" style="border:none;" /></a></div><br />
 photo signature2_zps92b6a156.png

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