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Another German Cannibal Case

Posted on the 17 April 2014 by Calvinthedog


Never heard of this one before.

Similar to the case of Armin Weiss, a computer programmer who met a man online who wished to be killed and eaten. Weiss fulfilled the man’s request, chopping off his penis first. He cooked the penis in a frying pan like a sausage while the man sat in a corner bleeding to death. Weiss then ate part of the penis, which he said was rather chewy as far as meat goes.

Weiss met the man on a German website where self-proclaimed cannibals meet those who say that they wish to be killed and eaten. Before killing the man he hate, Weiss had received 200 letters from other men who also desired to be killed and eaten. Some request to be barbequed slowly while they are still alive.

Now here is another case. A veteran police detective met a German businessman on the same website. The detective stabbed the man to death in the neck as per his request. Then he chopped the body into many pieces, a process which took ~5 hours. After, he buried the parts of the body in the Ore Mountains near the bed and breakfast that the detective also runs. The detective said he did not eat the man though. The cops found the grave and dug up the body, which was in many pieces.

The website were the quartet met claims to have over 3,000 members. Weiss himself estimated that there are ~800 “chefs” (killers and eaters of men) and “longpigs” (those who wish to be killed and eaten) in Germany.


It’s a whole movement!

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