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Ann Romney – Proudly Standing Alongside Her Husband

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Ann Romney

After capturing the headlines in the US over night, I though it might be a nice idea to take a look at Ann Romney, the wife of Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Ann has had a difficult few years after being diagnosed with the condition Multiple Sclerosis and recently, yet her husband and family stuck by her and she seems to have conquered the disease in a remarkable manner.

AnnRomney natal

Ann is a sun sign Aries having being born on 16th April 1949 in Bloomfield Hills Missouri, in the United States. Unfortunately I do not have an official birth time for her. She has a very fiery chart with a Sun Venus Mercury North Node stellium in Aries and a free and easy Sagittarian Moon. This contributes her with lots of enthusiasm and ambition, and secretly she will love any adulation and being number one. A trine from Saturn to her stellium from Saturn in Leo shows she has a level head just tempering that fiery combination a little. She also has opposition from Neptune to her Mars which does lessen her energy levels significantly and reduces any aggressive spirit of her planets in Mars.

This is a lady who is very deliberate in the way she communicates (Mercury in Taurus) and has a big humanitarian view of the world around her (Jupiter in Aquarius) - she is heavily involved in charity work, Jupiter the planet of generosity sitting square to her idealistic Aries stellium. Being the only tension aspect on her chart alongside that Neptune Mars opposition, here is her path through life, aiding people in humanitarian causes and acting to serve those in need. She has been particularly involved in several children’s charities. She will be imaginative, I would imagine quite artistic and very much a dreamer with Neptune in Libra potentially sextile to the Moon and quindecile to Mercury.

That opposition is the driver of a potential kite on her chart also connected to Pluto and the Moon. I can see a curiosity here of wanting to understand the nature of any emotional problems as well as a hugely determined streak, one which I think has driven her on to overcome her health problems of the past years.

Talking of them, her chart shows her life has been dominated by the movements of Saturn. She married Mitt in 1969 as transiting Saturn hit her Sun Venus conjunction and in 1998 as the connection was made for a second time, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This leads me to think that she has a late Aries ascendant with Capricorn (Saturn’s sign on her Midheaven). This would bring her Sun close to her ascendant and the Neptune Mars opposition possibly working across her 6th/12th house of health and suffering. It would bring her South Node into the 6th house too showing health vulnerabilities and would also explain her love of animals including horses. Neptune would be in that 6th house sextile to the Moon in the equine sign of Sagittarius and Saturn would be in her 5th house of sport – she has competed in dressage nationally and internationally. All this is speculation on my part until I find a true birth time.


As for her relationship to Mitt her husband, they have a Grand Trine aspect from Sun Mercury to the Moon and a fierce Saturn Pluto conjunction. This is a "me and you against the world" aspect, one where the two of them will have to stick together against pressure from those who oppose the way they live their lives. They also have a compassionate and lively Uranus Jupiter opposition squared by Mars, so they will actively want to help people in a caring and generous manner.

Her speech came last night came as Venus, the planet signifying women made a connection with Castor, on of the planets in Gemini. This connection suggested that any communication would be easy, and indicated on a more mundane level important speeches or messages broadcasted or communicated and being well received. Her speech definitely seemed to be the highlight of the evening. In it, Ann said last night that Mitt was a man “who would not fail the USA”. Will he get the chance to prove himself? Transiting Pluto is square their composite Sun, and will still be square it come the election, so their lives are definitely changing. In what way? Well we will have to wait until 6th November 2012 to find out...

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