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Andy Murray Wins the Wimbledon Single’s Title.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Very well done to Andy Murray (click to see his natal chart) who became the first British winner of Wimbledon, wiping out 77 years of impatient waiting for another champion from Britain; the last British man to win the men’s title was Fred Perry who won in 1936. Andy beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets yesterday afternoon on a sun drenched and very warm center court in South West London. I suspected he would finally win the “holy grail” this year and I went so far as to say so on the back of my post about him last year. So what aspects were active for him to be successful this time around?

AndyMurray transits

I’ve got the chart here for the start of the final against his natal chart. Andy has his natal Mars, the sporting planet sitting in Gemini his 10th house of career and ruling his 8th house of power, control and transformational change. At the time of him winning, transiting Mars was applying a conjunction to his natal Mars, I would suggest making him more determined than ever to achieve the career dream that he had been working towards all his life. Mars in the same breathe was activating the natal triple opposition across his chart, an exact opposition to Uranus (0:02 degrees), giving him as I see it an extra boost of energy and brilliance, and opposition to his natal Moon and Saturn, so he had to overcome the emotion of the occasion and a seriously good opponent in Novak too. I don’t thing without the presence of that Mars (as well as Sun, Jupiter and Mercury) moving in his 10th house that he would have had the fortitude and the strength to survive the pressure of the moment, and through the rulership of that 8th house, this sporting achievement will change his life forever.

The grand water trine though not properly affecting any of his natal planets was still having an effect. Saturn in his 3rd house of local affairs (in his own country), Neptune in his 6th house of every day routine and Jupiter bringing fortune and expansion in his 10th house of career. You can see the picture of him winning his home tournaments, he also won the grass court championship at Queen’s Club a couple of weeks before. Actually Neptune was making a square to his Midheaven and his chart ruler Mercury, and often Neptune’s influence here can be disruptive to one’s career and one’s energy too if affecting the Ascendant through it’s ruler, but not in this case. Why? Well I suspect it is because in Andy’s natal chart that Neptune is well aspected, only receiving a sextile from Pluto. It is just a theory of mine but in this type of case, a well aspected Neptune can be a help and the more dreamy positive side of this planet can come shining through, where as a difficulty aspected Neptune can be more damaging as it moves around a chart. Would be nice to hear your experiences of Neptune transits, and if your own Neptune is compromised or not.

I also think that Andy’s story is one that we should all take note of. In sacrificing his life for a dream and leaving his home for Barcelona at age 15 to learn how to play tennis with the best coaches in better weather, he dedicated himself to achieving something, and though it has taken him a long time to win the tournament he had set his heart on, he finally got his hands on the trophy. He was always going to do it you know, and the indication was Saturn opposing that sporting 10th house Mars. Yes he would have to wait, Saturn always makes you wait, but when the time was right, he got his reward. 

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