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Andy Coulson - David Cameron’s Aide Arrested Over Phone Hacking Scandal.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson, the former editor of the News of the World and communication’s aide to David Cameron the British Prime Minister has been arrested in the current phone hacking scandal and is helping the police with their enquiries.

AndyCoulson natal

Andy Coulson was born on 21st January 1968 in Billericay, Essex (no birth time yet known). He is a Sun sign Aquarius with a socially aware Libra Moon. This is a very airy combination, so social interaction and working with others will be a forte of Andy. The Moon is most probably trine to Mercury also in Aquarius so this is a man very keyed into new ways of communicating, a whizz with technology and networking with friends and associates. This man will always want to know what is going on. The press and working in news and information or current affairs, or anything with a social element would be perfect for him. Having this Aquarian slant to things, he would be very adept at putting a spin on things, presenting a fresh and visionary view in his work. The Moon may also be in opposition to Saturn (that’s if Andy was born at midday or afterwards) which would be an “interesting” position as he would be sensitive to criticism and would seek approval from others, especially those in higher positions workwise. Would that mean that he would use unusual or even illegal tactics to further his work career? There is a huge Aquarian influence on his Sun and Mercury, his Sun is also trine to Uranus in Virgo doubling the effect. Uranus in Virgo can go one of two way or even swing back and forth between extremes, either being ultra conservative wanting to throw the book at wrong doers, maintaining old fashioned values and preserving moral codes or on the other hand, Uranus in Virgo can be rebellious and act in a crude, defiant manner. I suspect he veered towards the former of these two points of view, however trying to predict the moral code of an Aquarius is a devilishly difficult task to get right. 

Uranus is conjunct Pluto and this conjunction is sextile to Neptune forming a mini grand trine with the Sun and Neptune at the point. This is a progressive, creative formation – Andy will want to make a difference to society in a creative and humanitarian way. However on Andy’s chart, Pluto is quindecile to Saturn in Aries. this is a problematic aspect. There is an element of transformation (Pluto) here, especially through dealings with authority (Saturn) and hard lessons will have to be learned. In any positions of authority, he will be capable of using force, manipulation and control,  so long as it is all in the public interest (the Uranus/Pluto conjunction is square to Venus in outgoing Sagittarius). Jupiter opposes Mars which is very expansive and ambitious and pushes things to the limits a little bit too much. You know, the more I think about it, the more Andy’s chart rather resembles in character the News of The World chart that I looked at yesterday. No wonder he ended up as editor for the paper (see the link below).

Looking at the relationship between Coulson and David Cameron, there would have been a mutual feeling between them with Cameron’s Sun conjunct to Coulson’s Moon and Coulson would have thought that the relationship would have been beneficial to him with Coulson’s Sun opposite Cameron’s Jupiter. However the parting of the ways was also indicated with Cameron’s Saturn opposite Coulson’s Pluto, trine to Coulson’s Neptune and square to Coulson’s Venus in Sagittarius. Cameron cut the ties of their relationship (Venus) as the alleged underhand acts (Pluto) the hidden secrets (Neptune) became known.

Coulson faces some nasty transits. The arrest came as transiting Saturn was just starting to pull away in it’s opposition with natal Saturn. These allegations hanging over Coulson have been active for a couple of years as Saturn opposed natal Saturn at 7 Aries. Transiting Saturn would have more than likely have been conjunct with Coulson’s natal Moon over this time too making him gloomy and pessimistic, almost accepting his fate. Transiting Uranus is approaching a conjunction with natal Saturn which when it is exact will be very nasty as Coulson’s Sun of course is in Aquarius. This conjunction will put personal restrictions on him. The first conjunction will hit in May next year. Finally, transiting Pluto is square to natal Saturn and trine to natal Jupiter. This is another form of containment (Pluto) on his liberty (Jupiter) by authorities (Saturn). As mentioned before, Andy Coulson seems to be facing a testing time in which his life is more than likely going to be radically transformed.  

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