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And So It Begins....

By Rubytuesday
Today is the start of the celebrations My Auntie B arrives today from LondonAnd my sisters girlfriend arrives from CorkThe house has been cleaned to within an inch of its lifeMany meals have been madeAnd I am mentally trying to prepare myself for the activities over the next few daysI just thank my lucky stars that I am in a good place18 months ago I wouldn't have been able to cope with this But now I know it's not about meIt's about my MumAnd celebrating her long and successful career in education
Both my parents were teachers before they retired My Dad taught french  and historyAnd my Mum taught EnglishI credit them for my love of reading and writing My sister also works in a school libraryAnd my brother is a writer So I guess it's in the blood 
I gave Mum her present todayJust before the visitors arriveI got her a card And a bottle of Dolce, floral dropsWhich is a lovely fresh and light perfumeShe loved it 
In other news Honey and Lea had their yearly check up this morning at the vetI am delighted to report that they are both fighting fit and wellThe only thing the vet mentioned that they are both a little over weightThis is not news to meHoney is a little chubster And Lea is no skinny Minnie eitherBut I love to feed themYes I am a feederI show my love for them through food I have a certain cupboard that I keep their  treats inAnd when honey wants oneShe just stands in front of it and barks her head offI can't lieThey are spoiled rotten They have such a lovely life They both had such difficult starts in their livesThat I feel I have to give them the best life I possibly can I've always been an animal loverAnd always felt a certain affinity with them
I am half dreading and half looking forward to the next few daysI have to keep reminding myself That this is a celebration of my Mothers life and career And I want to make it as special as possible for herShe has been through so much in her lifeAnd has always been an amazing support to meI wasn't close to her growing upBut after my parents split upAnd I became illWe started to become closer And are now very very closeShe deserves to be spoiled and pamperedSo that's what we will do
And so it begins....

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