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An Update of My Pregnancy Journey...

By Jcchris
Today is the week 20 of my pregnancy.  How time flies! I am still very overwhelmed with the fact that I am gonna be a mum, something that Eric & I have been waiting for many years. To be exact we have waited for 5.5 years. I am still very grateful that God has answered our prayers! I get pretty emotional whenever I think about it. I am sure it's not the hormones, it is something I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. 
Early of my pregnancy, I have a lot of worries & concerns. To be honest, this made me very stressful. I am constantly being disturbed with a lot of negative thoughts. Prayers really comfort me whenever I am down but I wanted assurance of the lil bub is fine in there. At one breaking point, I pray that God will allow me to experience those movements. Lo and behold, He answered my prayers and I felt movements as early as week 16. I wasn't really sure at first. But as time passes by, the movements became constant and I know that the lil bub is doing some somersaults, gentle taps and now it's gentle kicks! I really love that feeling a lot. Eric has also experienced those gentle taps but he seems to not experience the kicks tho. I am sure it is still early. We are both anxiously waiting for those karate kicks. Lol. 
I am so thankful that I do not have morning sickness or strong craving on certain food. Besides my high BP (even way before my pregnancy), I do experience round ligament pain, the urge of going to toilet, lack of sleep during night (sometimes), muscle pain (if my posture is bad) & carpal tunnel syndrome-like symptoms too. I guess I have covered them all at the moment. I am certain more will come. Lol.
Another thing I am thankful for... is the support that Eric has showed me! He is being so helpful with the house chores, showers me with lots of tender-loving-care, prays for me & the lil bub... and he always ensure that I am comfortable ALL the time. I love him and I know the lil bub will love a dad like him too! Thanks hubby!
Here are some photos of my pregnant bump that I managed to capture using my iPhone...
An update of my pregnancy journey... Week 14
An update of my pregnancy journey...Week 18
An update of my pregnancy journey...Week 19
We will be going for our next scan/appointment on the 20th this month, we can't wait to see the lil bub again and hopefully ob/gyn can confirm the gender of the baby. We wanna know because we wanna shop. Lol. I will be doing a sugar test too because from the previous appointment, ob/gyn found high sugar in my urine. I am a huge fan of rice & noodle, so that explains why! Since then, I have cut down on my carbo intake. Have been eating more fibre, veggie & fruits & protein too; hence I lost 2 kgs too. Praying & hoping that the sugar level will be under control so I don't have to worry about gestational diabetes. 
We hope that you will continue to keep us in prayer because prayer comforts us ALL the time. The support & encouragement from church members, friends, online friends & family really warm my heart till this day. Thank you for remembering us in your thoughts & prayers. We appreciate it all!
If you are still trying & praying, be rest assured that He is always listening...
Xoxo Jessy

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