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An Opposing View: No, the Alt Left Should Not Ally with PC/SJW Left

Posted on the 01 February 2017 by Calvinthedog


Ryan England in a new column rejects my proposal for an alliance with the SJW’s of the PC Cultural Left. He has an excellent argument, which I will however disagree with.

But he’s correct that the SJW’s have destroyed the Left and they destroy it more and more with each passing day, I believe. They are a toxic force that derails the whole movement into insipid elementary school age squabbles about whose oppression is bigger and whose is smaller. I think it’s mostly just idiocy, but Ryan notes that if you go to Sargon of Akkad’s videos, you will see comment after comment of people saying, “I used to be on the Left, until…SJW SJW SJW (various complaints about SJW’s and the Cultural Left).”

For that matter, on videos of recent Leftist violence against Trump supporters mostly committed by Black Bloc anarchist Leftists, you see the same thing, person after person saying, “I used to be on the Left but I left because of stuff like this (antifas assaulting opponents in the streets.” So perhaps antifa violence may be driving people away from the Left too in a similar fashion as SJWism does.

Anyway, both the possibility of an Alt Left-SJW alliance and whether antifa violence helps or hurts the Left should be reasonable topics to debate. Let the discussion begin.

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