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An Interview With Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow

Posted on the 08 August 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide
An Interview With Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow

Blogging is becoming popular with each passing day. More and more people are coming forward to start a blog and earn money. Only some of them are able to achieve it. It needs very much of patience and hardwork for making the blog a success.

Today I am starting Interview series on Present Slide and i am interviewing Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow. He is from Coimbatore which is in Tamilnadu, India. I got influenced by him after knowing about his blogging journey so i thought to Interview him so that we can get more information about how he started and made Traffic Crow a success.

So let us now get started with the Interview with Sathish:

An Interview With Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow

1. Hello Sathish and welcome to our blog Present Slide

I am really happy and excited to answer your interesting questions. And I am looking forward to sharing all my experience and works to help some of the newbies who really interested to start their career.

2. Please share your blogging journey with us. How you got started with it?

I entered into this field at the age of 16, and now I am in 24!! I just have chosen this area to earn some revenue with the help of web designing, but now I am in blogging career. Do you know the cost of my website order? It's just Rs. 3000.

So for additional earnings, I switched over to internet marketing and started to learn by myself with the help of internet. Such learning inspired me a lot to start my blog. Finally, I started my traffic Crow blog.

To enjoy my blogging journey, just click on - About Sathish Arumugam

3. How much time it took to see positive results from your blog?

Usually, it will take solidly 3-4 months for every blog to achieve success. But the main reason for taking a long time is due to lack of concentration and lack of knowledge on various tricks and secrets.

First, we have to segregate the success and failure process. So that the present activities can be focused and I have achieved the positive result in just two years.

4. What were the major problems you faced during your blogging journey?

In blogging, I faced lot and lot of problems. First, there is no traffic next there is no revenue, and finally, there is no branding for my site.

So I worked hard and put a lot of effort to reduce all the issues. So as on my experience basis, effort, and hard work are the two key factors for the success of the site.

5. Have you used Blogger for your blog in the beginning or just started with WordPress itself?

By entering into this field, I have learned HTML and CSS. Then I learned WordPress and Joomla with the help of internet. Since I have sound knowledge in WordPress, I have it as the platform for the self-host blogging.

6. Who are the People who inspired you to start a blog and earn money?

My inspiration to start my blogging career involves both Indian and outside bloggers. So now, I am listing some of the blogs which inspired me a lot.

These are the list of blogs which I use to read often and make me start my blog.

7. What you will suggest to a newbie blogger Affiliate marketing or just AdSense?

My best advice for newbies is to start AdSense at the initial stage and then focus on affiliate because it will take a long time to get a clear view and earnings on affiliate. But in the case of AdSense, we can earn real money by attaining some traffic itself.

In the case of an affiliate, it will take some time to have sales, and this may disappoint you in some cases.

So my personal suggestion for every newbie is to prefer Google AdSense.

8. What changes have you seen in Blogging from when you started and current time?

In the beginning, I used to develop many blogs and struggled a lot in promoting those blogs. So I planned and focused by doing one blog with regular interval period in a successful way. Only after the full completion, I will start the next blog.

9. What are the monetization methods you are using on your Blog(s) for earning money?

Now I am completely concentrating in my SEO (Organic traffic). Now, my main income source is fully on affiliate only (Traffic Crow & Niche Blogs).

10. Share some tips for the Bloggers who have just started with their blogging.

First, analyze and get the proper way of blogging. Do some checklist of the activities that you have to carry out in the blog. For this purpose, Evernote tool will be very helpful.

Then have a fixed time management and work in that manner without any excuse. Every month once do all changes in the checklist on the basis of your improvements and work according to it.

Now, recently many bloggers have started private groups on Facebook, so you can make use of such groups by asking all your doubts and get the clear and proper answers from experts.

Thanks Sathish for giving me the opportunity to get your interview. These tips will help our readers in their blogging journey.

An Interview With Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow

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