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An Injured Runner Does Vegas

By Brisdon @shutuprun
Based on the comments from my last post, you all are a bunch of injured mother effers. While I'm not pleased you are injured, it does help to know others are in misery. That's just the type of person I am. I hope others are in pain so I can feel better about myself.
I know for the past week you have been wondering how my hip is doing. Is she running? Is she depressed? Is she in pain?
Well, I took a full 9 days off from running. That officially makes me a SASA (Smart As Shit Athlete). I am very proud of myself for my self discipline. While I was not running I was sinning.
(Do not say "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" because I will punch you. That is a very over used phrase, right up there with "At the end of the day," and "I know, right??")
First was the plane ride to Vegas. We just met this girl on take off. Truth. By the end of the flight - BOOM!- we are best friends that will never speak again. That's what Fireball does to you. I know, right??

An Injured Runner Does Vegas


Have you ever noticed that in-bound flights to Vegas are cheery and party-ish, yet the outbound flights are just full of poor and depressed people? Yep. True.
We checked in and hit up the Strip. This is what happens when you walk over an air vent with a dress on. I spared you the full picture. The guy in the green shirt appears to be enjoying my show. He needs to buy a ticket.
An Injured Runner Does Vegas

Then there was me marveling at the fine product placement in Walgreens. Liquor next to condoms = genius.
An Injured Runner Does Vegas

I then molested a statue.
An Injured Runner Does Vegas

And tried desperately to be like her. Except I'm missing two things.

An Injured Runner Does Vegas

Are those implants?

Next up we did what anyone does who finds a chair that looks like a bed.
An Injured Runner Does Vegas

You should go to Vegas with me. At the end of the day, I am just FUN!
So...about the hip. I've been seeing a massage guy who specializes in Neuromusular Therapy. It really does seem to be helping. I ran today, attempting 5 miles. I felt pretty good. Until mile 4.75 when it didn't feel good anymore. So I walked. Thinking I will still do a big cut back in running and get back into the pool and on the bike.
Just like that. Injured runner becomes TRIATHLETE. Happens all the time.

What's your favorite way to keep fit while injured? 
What's a phrase you hate? I'm also not a big fan of "totes adorbs", but I am old
Are you watching the Superbowl? Who are you cheering for? Duh. Broncos.

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