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An Easy Office Christmas Gift Idea

Posted on the 15 December 2012 by Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Easy Office Christmas Gifts

Office Christmas gift idea – easy-peasy!

There are a few people that I work closely with during the year and each Christmas it’s nice to celebrate the year that’s been with a little gift. Nothing over the top, nothing super fancy but something that says “thanks for the year that’s been, enjoy the Festive Season!”

While the faithful box of Cadbury Roses may be an easy office Christmas gift, it was nice this year to think of something just a little bit different.

Everyone was impressed and considered it very thoughtful – I just was pleased that it was economical, deadset easy and looked funky enough to be cool. A sure fire winner, all-round ;)

The key was most certainly in the presentation – soooo simple and easy but with the appearance of minimalist style. Perfect!

What you’ll need

A brown paper bag per person – forget the mass produced Christmas gift bags in nauseatingly bright colours – the simpleness of this IS its appeal

Something to be placed in said bag! (I wanted to shout each of my colleagues a festive drink and so a single stubby of Strongbow Cider it was, of course liquor is not madatory!)

A Christmas stamp and stamp pad (although any gift tag type stamp could be used with a red or green ink)

A hole punch and festive ribbon for tying the bags decoratively – I had red gingham in my stash – yesssss!

What to do

Stamp bag and write recipients name.

Place goodies inside bag, fold, punch holes, tie ribbon to seal.

Deliver with an amount of Christmas cheer appropriate to your workplace!

Look, I know that time is running out for organising all of the Christmas goings-on, but if you have not yet organised a token little something for your colleagues, it’s not too late at all. Skip the boxed chocolate aisle and with a teeny bit of effort you can please them all with an economical and easy Christmas gift idea this week.

Do you give little gifts at your workplace each Christmas? Does your office even run a Secret Santa?

An easy office Christmas gift idea!

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