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Amy Winehouse – Supremely Talented but Sadly Flawed

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Amy is back in rehab again aiming to recover after being booed off stage in Belgrade, where to all reports her performance was a disaster and she seemed to be either drunk onstage or affected by drugs. The rest of her European tour has been cancelled and she has returned home to sort her self out once and for all.

Amy was born on 14th September 1983 in Enfield in North London. Her birth-time is not known and there has been much speculation in astrology circles about the actual time, least as much because Amy is such an interesting character. I have looked at her chart intensely and one or two factors have convinced me that Amy was born close to 16.00 in the afternoon. Firstly her appearance. Looking at Amy you immediately sense a dark brooding appearance laced with vulnerability. With an assumed birth-time of around 16.00, we have an early Capricorn Ascendant and a Scorpio Midheaven. Capricorn ascendants can be both confident yet wracked by fear and self-doubt, they tend to underestimate how good they really are. I don’t believe that Amy appreciates how brilliant an artist she actually is. The second clue is that it is common knowledge that Amy pulled out of education at the age of 14 after being expelled. I was always taught that the education of the subject would be affected if either the ruler of the 9th house (the planet associated with sign on the cusp of the 9th house) was affected by a tension aspect from an outer planet, or if Saturn were to be found in the 9th. With a Capricorn ascendant Saturn sits comfortably in the 9th house conjunct to Pluto. The third clue is that over the past 2-3 years, transiting Pluto has been hovering between 0-7 degrees Capricorn, in close conjunction to to my assumed rectified ascendant for her. This would be a time where she would plunge the depths professionally and personally as Pluto would eventually force her to change her ways and habits. Pluto rules her Midheaven (work) as well as conjuncts Saturn (ruling her ascendant, her physical appearance and face to the world) in her natal chart. If she doesn’t accept the will of Pluto to transform her life, the likelihood is that it will destroy her completely.

AmyWinehouse natal

Ok, to the chart itself. Very interestingly and unusually, all the planets sit in pairs dotted around the chart. Amy is a perfectionist Sun in Virgo in close conjunction to Mercury in the hidden 8th house. Mercury is retrograde and inward looking, especially with regard to personal problems which she will constantly mull over. The Sun here craves intense and taboo experiences; Amy will tend to view things from her perspective only and the effect will make Amy quiet, brooding and ultra self-critical. Combine this with a potential Capricorn ascendant which erodes the self-confidence and you start to see a very vulnerable woman. The Moon shows need and in Sagittarius the need to to expand one’s horizons, to party and have a good time. The Moon is in close conjunction to Neptune the planet of creativity, dreams and escapism. Neptune bestows Amy with her love for music, an emotional need to be creative, but also an emotional need to get completely lost and to escape when she feels under pressure or down. The cocktail of the doubting Sun/Mercury conjunction and Capricorn Ascendant with the escapist tendencies of the Moon/Neptune (they are in square aspect) is potent. She is technically (Virgo) a brilliant musician and singer (Neptune), but she doubts her ability and this doubt drags her down. The square between the Sun and Moon accurately describes the break up of her parents which happened when she was around 10 years old, and this I believe this adds to the hurtful emotional baggage and doubt that she still carries around with her every day of her life. That retrograde Mercury conjunct to the Sun (representing her father) never lets her forget and turns the doubts over and over again in her mind.  When she feels troubled, she will turn to drink, drugs and any other substances to deaden the pain she feels. The Moon/Neptune conjunction in this rectified chart is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house. One often finds people who drown their sorrows in drink and drugs with Neptune close to the ascendant and in the 12th house of suffering, institutions and rehabilitation (Pisces’ house), where better for this pair of planets to sit? If that wasn’t bad enough Jupiter and Uranus sit in conjunction in Sagittarius, unconnected to any other planets. This is excess, taken to excess!! When she starts something, she will not know when to stop!! Maybe this explains why she has such problems, she can’t stop herself. By the same token, Jupiter/Uranus is also very avant-garde, ahead of her time, experimenting with new styles and fashions. Combined with her music, this is why she has seemed so cutting edge and able to experiment.

Moving to the Venus/Mars conjunction cutting across the 7th 8th Houses. Both are in Leo and here is the show-woman who craves attention and like to be centre stage. Mars/Venus is trine the Moon and Neptune. Performing on stage is her other escape from the pain of her day to day life. Neptune trine Mars is ultra glamorous and exudes charisma. Neptune/Moon trine Venus is kind and sympathetic, a soft heart does lay inside Amy however the type of men she is attracted to are likely to be the wrong type. The Mars/Venus combination does give her a pushy air in love, she will be the one who will make the first move and makes her quite difficult to live with. Venus retrograde in the 8th craves tumultuous relationships which seemed doomed to fail, and Mars in the 7th is aggressive, the partners she looks for must have Martian attributes, living a fast risky lifestyle.

This trine forms a grand mini trine with sextiles to Saturn/Pluto at the point of the formation. Here is the really troubling part of her chart. Saturn/Pluto will affect all that connects with it and wherever it is located in the chart, it brings disappointment failure and then transformation. As I mentioned earlier, in the 9th house of education Amy was eventually expelled for failing in her studies and also for piercing her nose against school rules, transforming her looks. In her love life (Venus /Mars), her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil failed and he was sent to prison. In her music career has been blighted by disappointing live performances and drink/drug use affecting her so much she has been forced into rehabilitation several times. Even her appearance is very Saturn/Pluto she often wears black, she has tattoos on her arms, the strong long dark hair and striking features. She takes her music very seriously, and her jazz tinged style, the most complex of musical forms which is very dark and moody is a perfect for a mix of Saturn and Pluto.

The feeling I get about this chart is that if Amy can survive this traumatic period while Pluto is connecting with her ascendant (assuming my assumptions are correct) I think she can come out the other side a far better person. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all very highlighted on this chart (through Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius) and these planets take a long time to have an effect one’s personality. Often rogues in their younger years find a maturity as they grow older, and eventually do learn wisdom from their mistakes. Her North and South nodes show the picture most candidly. Her North Node sits in the 6th house of routine and work in Gemini, this is the aim she must strive to achieve in life. To communicate in a work sense – for her communicating is through her music and opening up to the health problems and escapist tendencies she suffers from. Her South Node is where she will gravitate back to, the lazy easy road to take – the 12th house in Sagittarius, addiction, suffering and excess. 

The statement put out recently that she will take a break for “however long it takes to recover from her latest problems” certainly seems to suggest as if the penny is starting to drop. Maybe she is realising at last that she has to face up to her demons head on? I truly hope it is, as for sure Amy is a rare and unique talent and as a music lover myself, I wait to see her return to form and to record new albums.  

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