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Amy, Amy, Amy.....

By Rubytuesday
So When I last left you I was just home from Belfast I took yesterday offAnd only left the house to walk the dogsAnd do a bit of food shopping I had last heard from The Plumber on SundayAnd he said he would contact me when I was homeFor some reason I had a feeling that he wouldn't thoughAnd I didn't get my hopes upI live by the rule never to expect anything from anyoneBecause then I am never disappointedBut lo and beholdLast night he texted
Did you get a chance to see what's on in the cinema?
OkDeep breathesTry and behave like a normal human being 
Hey yea I did, is there anything you'd like to see?
Then instead of texting backHe rang!I turned the sound off the tvTry to stay calmAnd answered the phone
Hello Ruby?
Hey how are you?
Good, you?
Yea good 
Was wondering if there is anything you'd like to see in the cinema?
What about Jurassic World?
I was thinking of seeing Amy, would you be interested?
Oh yea I would like to see that, do you know what time it's on at?
I'll check and get back to you
Ok talk soon
Amy is the documentary about Amy WinehouseTo be honest I was deliberately avoiding seeing this movieAs I though it would be too upsettingI'm a huge Amy fanAnd love her musicBut I found watching her demise so very hardAnd the fact that she had similar problems to me just makes it all the more difficultBut I will goI was actually surprised that he wanted to see this movie If he likes Amy WinehouseThen we have something in common straight awayAnd the other good thing is that he rings when he says he willI like thatHe's reliable 
So the plan is to go tintype cinema tonightAnd people I am a bag of nervesBut it's also very exciting I feel like a teenager again!
AgainI'm going to have no expectations I'll just go with an open mind And an open heartAnd see how it goes  At least we will have something to talk about What with going to see AmyBut the other thing isThat I'm not 100% sure what he looks likeI mean I have seen himFrom a distance But I don't know if I could pick him out in a line upSo that will be interesting
AgainI don't want to get my hopes upBut I do hope he's a nice kind guyI hope we can talk easilyAnd I hope he's a good and decent personI'm not terribly fussed about looksObviously I either will or won't be attracted to himBut I'm more concerned with his personality 
So now I have the whole day to wait I'm seeing Mary later And have to go in to town So plenty to keep me occupied in the mean timeI have my outfit picked out Which I will show you later And of course as everI will keep you posted....

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