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American Amazon Assault Force

Posted on the 27 January 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani

Greek Legend has it that the women Amazon warriors did cut their right breasts off to fight better and would go to any extent to achieve victory.
The German Walküre were glorified by Richard Wagner and Francis Ford Coppola in Apocalypse Now. Maidens of Odin, they had the sinister job to choose the heroes to be slain in battle and lead them to Valhalla
I do not believe our modern day warrioresses will be deceiful like the Walküre but i may be wrong (see below). Will they have the same dedication as their Amazon ancesters? hopefully without the self-mutilation part.
The Amazons most likely seldom got pregnant if ever, but they must have had menstrual cycles with all what that entails. I wonder what they did then: call a truce, because weakened by the bleeding, or maybe the opposite because of PMS. Same was probably true for the Walküre.
These legendary women warriors along with more real ones like the French Joan of Arc proved to us women are battle-worthy and can throw a punch. So the physiological part is of not much concern. The HUGE difference is that these historical fighters did not have any men around...or lawyers!
Our modern warrioresses will be thrown in the middle of all this raging frontline testosterone coupled with adrenaline. I can see cat fights, divorce suits, sexual harrassment suits, discrimination suits, accidental miscarriages suit and so on and so forth. Do you catch my drift?
This integration of women in the fight will do a whole lot to boost their egos and their cause, but not much for the Defense budget. We may have to sell F16s to Iran, not just Morsi, to be able to handle the new onslaught of lawsuits!
A woman warrior who is not cutting it physically will seek to hide behind a harrassment suit or similar to save herself the humiliation and embarrassment of her real cause for strife.
Leon Panetta will rue the day...then again he is leaving it to Chuck. Good Luck!
The HOLY GRAIL of wisdom did forbid the Amazons to mingle with Achilles and Adonis; and the  Walküre with Siegried and Lohengrin.

Apocalypse Now: This Man's Army No Longer!

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By Casey Johnston
posted on 13 March at 20:01

this may be an archaic way of thinking, but I can't help thinking a woman dying on the battlefield is more wrong than a man dying in battle.