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America Tired of Left-Wing Lynching of Cain

Posted on the 10 November 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
America Tired of Left-Wing Lynching of Cain

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   At last night’s GOP debate in Michigan, audience members booed moderators in support of Herman Cain and in disgust with the left-wing lynching of his character. With rope in hand, moderators that aimed questions toward Mitt Romney about Cain’s personal plight were met with opposition from nearly every member of the audience, leaving the left standing at the political gallows in shock from the mutiny. It is obvious that Americans are fed-up with the demonizing dirty politics of the Democratic Party and left-wing sympathizers.   It’s about time the American people stood up and refused to listen to skewed rhetoric spewed from the lips of Washington gossips and unethical media that would sell-out their own grandma for ratings.

   Politico placed a noose around Cain’s neck in late October via unsubstantiated sexual harassment charges from the 1990’s. Since then women have emerged from the woodwork like hungry roaches looking for their next meal. Minutes after Politico broke the story, a posse of Democrats and left-wing media rode in to help hang Cain from their proverbial political tree. And, it seems they have recruited Dem-donor-in-a-dress Gloria Allred to ride front and center with a damsel in distress to secure Cain’s conviction. The problem with this is the dim-witted Dem-donor retains zero credibility with the American people due to her own past actions. Furthermore, Americans are asking: Who is footing the bill for her services, because her client is unemployed and bankrupt?

   Additionally, the credibility of at least two of Cain’s accusers is being called into question. Bialek, the accuser hanging off the teat of Allred, has filed for bankruptcy at least twice, is unemployed and never filed formal charges. Similarly, Karen Kraushaar had filed sexual harassment charges at another job, accusing a man of circulating a sexually based e-mail and refusing to submit to her request to work from home. Cain has denied all charges, calling Bialek “troubled” with “financial problems”, adding he would gladly take a lie detector test. However, if last night’s GOP debate is any indication of the people’s confidence in his innocence, there is no need for Cain to trouble himself.

   As a voter, unless the left provides substantial proof that Cain is a cad, I will assume Democrats and left-wing media are trying to divert my focus from the current administration’s lack of leadership and spending addiction –a slide of hand if you will. They underestimate my intelligence; no matter their deceptive ploy, I will remember the lying, race-baiting, bullying, inciting, over-regulating, down-graded credit, bailouts, Solyndra, ATF’s egregious behavior, barbaric rhetoric, record high unemployment rate, health mandates, lack of border control, class warfare, and the overall disregard for the people of America –and on election day I will hold the Democratic administration responsible. I am not saying my vote will go to Cain, but I am saying that I will vote for a Billy-goat before I vote to re-elect Obama in 2012.


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By TechnoCowgirl
posted on 16 November at 18:32
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