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America Strikes Back at Syria for the 4th April Chemical Attack

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
America strikes back at Syria for the 4th April chemical attack

Good morning everyone. President Trump has entered the Syrian Crisis in a big way tonight ordering a a very specific and targeted attack on the air base from where the 4th April chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun was launched. According to reports 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at the Syrian base from American war ship based in the eastern Mediterranean. The Russians, who use the base for helicopter missions were apparently given a short warning in advance that the attack was imminent. I would assume that the Russians in turn told the Syrians that President Trump was due to act against them. It took place just before 04.00am local time and I hear that it was aimed at aircraft, aircraft hangers, operations buildings, technical equipment and oil storage at the airfield.

America strikes back at Syria for the 4th April chemical attack

The attack seems to be a one off strike for the moment aimed as a warning shot across President Assad's bow, telling him in no uncertain terms to cease hostilities against innocent women and children. The chart (above) sees a t-square from a Sun/Jupiter focused on Pluto (at 17, 18 and 19 degrees respectively) with the Sun in a wide conjunction to planet of shocks and surprises Uranus. The Sun is the energy here and a leader willing to use overwhelming force (Pluto) to make an international impact (Jupiter). Mars the planet of the military and of attacks is now at 19 Taurus trine to Pluto at 19 Capricorn, indicating a determined and no nonsense show of force.

The star over Washington for this moment were striking, I use Washington as the nation's capital instead of Florida where President Trump currently is. The Sun (or the leader) was making 5 paran connections, firstly with the star Denebola in Leo, a star of acting independently and against the grain, breaking a cycle or in the name of a leader changing a policy. It is also aligned with Alhena, the star in the foot of one of the twins in Gemini known as the marching one, a star linked with a cause or a mission. The Sun is linked with Vega, the beautiful and brilliant star in Lyra, the Lyre, indicating someone of charisma and promoting a cause that will be popular and praised. The Sun was rising with Facies, the very focused and sometimes dangerous star in the eye of the archer in Sagittarius. This is a star of real focus and deadly intent. The archer fired his arrow with great accuracy to hit a specific target and this perfectly illustrates the surgical strike that President Trump initiated. Finally, the Sun is in line with Vindemiatrix, the star in Virgo known as the grape picker or gatherer and the actions tonight were ones to unite the world and the people around a decision or act.

The Moon also was making two paran links. The first is to the star Sualocin, the main star in Delphinus, the constellation of the Dolphin. This is a star of optimistic intent and it brings hope to the people of success in one's endeavours. The Moon also was connecting to Deneb Adige, a star in Cygnus, the Swan. This is a star of the shamen and to following a spiritual path, but there is a sense of aggression here too, but practical aggression that is defensive in nature. The Moon here indicates following one's emotions in defending your beliefs and acting against the arrogance or disrespect of others. This seems to be very much on the message of the evening.

Mars is the planet of the military and over Washington tonight, Mars was linked to 3 stars. To Sadalmelek, a lucky star in Aquarius and one where you make your own luck in acting in the right way. Again to Facies, and here is a focused and very targeted aggression or military attacks, and lastly to Regulus, the star of kings and leaders. Here is a leader using force to send an unequivocal message to a foe or enemy.

The stars paint a picture of a leader wanting to show his military hand, and Trump did this in full view of the Chinese President who is visiting Palm Beach for an important meeting with him. The question is now how the rest of the world react. Russia, an ally of Syria may not be pleased with America stepping back into an area of the world that she had been fostering relations, and we could be seeing the first play in a long running hardening of relation between Washington and Moscow. I can imagine the Kremlin will now issue a critical response against American aggression that has not got the full backing of the United Nations. Things just got a whole lot more complicated...

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