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America's Great Divide: Gun Control...or More Violence!

Posted on the 05 December 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
When the BBC reported the mass shootings in San Bernadino as; "Just another day in America"! Did that sound like a cynical British sarcastic knock on "The Yanks"?...or a dreadful truth of what America has become?
Where's the moral outrage in these country? After every mass shootings...whether the victims or perpetrators were black or white, male or female, young or have the cries, the condemnations, the outrage of our community demanding changes and gun reform, and supported by the overwhelming majority of this Nation!
But Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Zero compassion! by another sector of our Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial, and Multi-Ethnic American Society...The Republican Cocktail Party and their kissing cousins, the Evangelical Tea Toddlers!
The response by the GOP to all these Mass Shootings? Well?!?! lets just say that Praying for the Dead Victims is not going to bring them back!...their actions? Second verse...same as the first; We need more, more, and more Guns and all sorts of weapons to protect ourselves from our Government, who's out to get us and take away our guns! and to protect ourselves from all and illegal...and naturally, from Terrorists! 
No one in the Conservative side of the aisles has ever given a shit when it came to our young kids, or a black person getting shot by some crazy mass's easy to blame anyone else or everyone for all the tragedies, and not ever accept any of the blame or responsibilities for any of the actions taken! 
But suddenly the attackers are "Muslims"!  Now suddenly, the Dumbos care!...Glory Hallelujah! The sound bytes of we must defend ourselves from the evil of all of Islam. The perfect facade in an Election season...and with nothing else to run on, the latest mass shooting is their perfect reason to build up and elevate themselves into a greater level of indecency...the Politics of Lies, Fear and Hate!...the Russians are Coming! the Russians are Coming! Syndrome.
Could some unprepared schmuck cowboy who owns a gun...and happens to be in possession of it...defend himself and whomever he needs to defend, against 2 fully and heavily armed people in full body armor, carrying Grenades, Pipe-bombs, Gas Masks, and a fully prepared plan of action? Of course!...if you're the same idiot who believes in arming teachers and arming young kids, while training to defend themselves in school...naturally, until the first school fistfight becomes the first school shootout between 2 little kids. And don't try to interfere and stop them!... or these 2 sweet little bastards, will 'both' shoot you...right in the ass!
As Ben Carson said; just rush and overwhelm the attacker!...not everyone will make it, but someone will stop the perpetrator! How about you, Dr. Carson? would you lead a rush against attackers that were wearing Full Body Armor, Lethal with Assault Weapons, Grenades, and Bombs? Even the Trumpster...Mr. Macho, the tough guy himself!...would have found a way of exiting very quickly, stage right!
As of last week, America's toll stood at 355 Mass Shootings in 336 Days...that's more than one Mass Shooting a day, folks!! There's something seriously fricken wrong when some in our Society considers those...without remorse or acceptable number, and nothing else!  Is there a need to show the massive numbers of deaths or shootings? Is there a need to show all the police violence Americans have had to put up with?  Of course! The annual number of people killed by cops averaged 928 per year over the past Eight the past 2 years, over 1,000+ have died in the hands of the Police...with over 161 of them being unarmed. It doesn't matter where it comes from, violence is violence!...and America just can't have enough of it!!
We live in a violent society...U.S. represents less than 5% of the 7.3 billion global population but accounted for 31% of all Global Mass Shooters from 1966 to 2012, more than any other country!...whether a 1st World, 2nd World, or 3rd World!...we are 'technically', the most Savage Country on Earth! And that was just up to 2012...and it has gotten worse! But look at where all the violence comes from...the continuous spewing of Fear, the continuous spewing of Hate!
Who are all these perpetrators? In which direction is their minds moving? Why do they do what they do? You have crazy psychotics who shouldn't even be allowed to purchase a gun. You got people who are just hateful racists, who are ignorant enough to believe all the spewing and it's time to become a Superhero for the Far Right!  And then you have those who favor politically another cause, whether it's targeting Muslims, Jews, Women, the Disabled, whoever!  Terrorism is Terrorism, whether its Foreign or Domestic it's still a mass shooting or bombing perpetrated by anyone...American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, or Hispanic!
The only way to stop this madness? It's either more Guns and more Killings, or less Guns and less Killings...and yes, the black market 'can' be suppressed enough to lower the Crime Rate. The only true choice to stop all the killings is strict Gun Control, period! By why stop the madness? when you're making Billions of others' Tragedy. And how the NRA, in partnership with the Gun Industry, makes-up the largest Political Lobby in the United States Congress constantly fighting Gun Control...and getting everything they want from their Political Whores in Congress, in which the majority of them belong to the GOP...including their Candidates! All this will continue till the GOP self-destructs or until We, the People decide to do something about it...besides Voting!
America's fascination with Guns and Violence began with our fascination for the Old Wild West..the real and not so real. Its Stories, the Folk Tales, the Gunslingers, Posses, Lynch Mobs, the Cowboys and Indians, John Wayne and Roy Rogers, the Folk Tales about the Outlaws! Yup! this is what Fascinates the Right Wing in America, and why so many in the GOP want to regress back to those "Good" Old Days where Racism flourished!
Ahhyup! this group of Republicans want to relive the life of their ancestors, even if their ancestors weren't there till a hundred years later. But you have to give them credit!...they do fit right in with the Simple Farmers, those People of the Land, the Common Clay of the New know who! 
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