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Amber's Special Spark ...

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We've written about Amber Run a fair few times now, and can't help but keep coming back for more. It was very early on that we decided that they would be as big as Bastille in terms of how far they will go in what amount of time, and our feelings most definitely have not changed with the coming of their new single, Spark. Out on April 20th (My Birthday) via RCA Victor, this beautifully ambient sound extends their repertoire to heights that we didn't think possible.
Amber's Special Spark ...Their sound, to be honest, is new but old. It is most definitely in keeping with their folky Mumford & Sons roots, but at the same time, they've managed to create something huge, omnipotent even, and on par with some of the biggest bands in the world ... we see this as a real anthem and something that the likes of Coldplay, U2, and Muse could be proud of.
There's absolutely no way that you can deny the fact that this would sound absolutely spectacular in the O2 Arena. The music is full to the brim with character, pace, and passion, and whilst they're not particularly big yet, we're absolutely sure that big things are on the horizon.
It begins quite humbly, like many of their songs do - on the lead vocals and barely any instrumentation at all. A guitar soon joins, and even some light percussion, but it is all done on purpose to give you that thrill factor when the real party starts and you won't be able to help the goosebumps forming on your arms. The entirety is a thing of beauty and we can't wait for more.
Spark seems to be one of those singles that grows and grows.When you first hear it, there's no doubt that you'll love it, but as you hear it again and again, it'll quite possibly become your favorite song. We're unsure how we're going to wait ... maybe an early birthday present is in order?

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