Amazing Race Malaysia: Day 3

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

march 7:

we were travelling back to KL this day. so after we had our breakfast, we packed our things and checked out of the hotel. we then proceeded to senai airport for our flight back to KL via airasia.

when we arrived at the airport, the check in counters for our flight were still closed so we decided to wait and eat something at old town coffee. hubby had the kaya toast + soft boiled eggs and iced white hazelnut coffee while i had a milk tea.

after we had eaten, we went back to the the counters. we checked-in our flights and dropped our bags, then we proceeded at the boarding gate where we waited for our flight.

the flight was hassle-free, although we had some concerns with the seating arrangement that was generated by the system since one of us was assigned a seat location far from the first two. so my hubby and son were seated together and i was separated from them.

there was some delay before we got our baggage so we were a little bit pressed for time since i have already purchased petronas twin towers. after we got our baggage, we had take out food from mcdonald's since we haven't eaten lunch yet, and then proceeded to buy tickets for the bus ride/van transfer to our hotel.

travel time was around 1.5 hours. we were able to nap a little. arriving at the city, we were then transferred to a van which would take us to our hotel.

we stayed at ibis styles during the rest of our trip. i availed of the hotel rates being offered by accor. the room hotel was perfect for travelers who are on a budget. it had a king sized bed, a day bed plus most of the hotel amenities that one would need. again, we were allowed two devices to connect to the wifi network. i liked the color scheme of the room plus the fact that it had an iPod dock. :)

after we have settled in the room and freshened up a little bit, we went down to get a taxi that will take us to klcc. traffic was a little heavy at the city so we arrived just in the nick of time. there was already a line for our time slot, so i had to claim our tickets and proceeded to queue.

when it was our group's turn to go inside. we were first given a sort of an overview regarding the tower. it was kinda cool since the images were projected onto smoke. no drinks, food, and bags are allowed in the tower and skybridge so we had to leave our things except for my son's water.

we first went to the skybridge which connected the two towers, and then proceeded to the observation deck in one of the towers. the engineering and other aspects of the towers were really great. my hubby was able to appreciate this more since he is a civil engineer.

each group was given only a certain amount of time in the skybridge and the observation deck, and then you will be asked to go down. we bought some souvenirs at the shop like the towers replica, keychain and magnet.

we were already hungry by the time we finished with the twin towers, so we ate at nando's inside the klcc mall.

we only ordered the "mild" chicken, but it was still a little bit spicy for my taste. nevertheless, we finished our chicken and side dishes. my son enjoyed the potato wedges that was included in our order.

after eating, we had a small photoshoot outside where the twin towers were all lighted up. we were just on the "backside" of the tower and too lazy to go to the other side.

we took a taxi to central market where we shopped for pasalubong. after we have gotten something for everyone, we then again took a taxi to our hotel. upon arrival, we just cleaned up, sorted our things a little bit, and then hit the sack. :)

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