Amazing Race Malaysia: Day 1

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

we decided to celebrate my son's 3rd birthday via a trip to legoland in malaysia. we were not able to secure sale tickets to singapore that is why we had to go via the kuala lumpur route. i will be posting this trip via the days. :)

march 5:

our flight to KL was via cebu pacific. the flight was uneventful, and there was just a delay in our arrival due to the air traffic at the LCCT.

because we will be taking another flight to johor bahru (where legoland is), after we have cleared immigration and claimed our baggages, we proceeded to the domestic departure area. we checked in on our flight, processed our bags and then went to mcdonald's for snack/dinner.

we make it a point to eat at a mcdonald's for every place that we go to. here in kl, they have the usual burgers and chicken. the fries and drinks that are included with a meal are large sized. they also have shakes and frostees.

after we had eaten, we went around some of the stores at the terminal and then stayed at the boarding gate and waited for our flight.

the wifi signal at the terminal is very strong so it makes waiting for your flight bearable. we were even able to do a clear skype call to my mom who is in philippines.

after some delay, we were able to board the air asia flight going to jb. the flight was around 50 minutes. when we arrived at senai airport (which is really nice and very clean as compared to lcct), we just waited a little bit for our bags, and then we were met by someone from our hotel since we arranged transportation going to the hotel.

we stayed at KSL resorts in JB. we availed of a "facebook" promo wherein there is a certain discount given to those who likes their fb page.

the room was spacious, with a queen sized bed + a single bed. the bathroom had a rainfall shower. the basic amenities that one would need for their room are present. we were allowed to connect two devices to the free wifi of the hotel.

the only thing we had difficulty with was with the power outlets. we assumed that the hotel has generic sockets, but it turns out that we needed an adaptor so that we will be able to plug in and charge our devices. good thing that there was a mall at the lower level of the hotel so we were able to get one the next day.

once we had checked in and settled in our room, we ordered for food as our dinner / midnight snack. :) hubby had wanton noodles while i had congee. the wanton noodles was good as it had the right flavors and the noodles were still springy and not overcooked. the congee was ok too, it just needed a little getting used to since i am not a big fan of chinese congee wherein you need to put all the spices and condiments so that your congee will have its flavor.

we turned in for the night and readied ourselves for our adventure the next day.

KSL Resort Hotel 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Tel: +607-2882999 / +607-2882666Email: [email protected]
Fax: +607-2882988
Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia

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