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Amanda Knox – Facing Retrial Over Death of Meredith Kercher

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

amanda knox

This one runs and runs, doesn’t it? A judges in Italy today announced that Amanda Knox, or “Foxy Knoxy” as the press dubbed her along with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito must stand trial again for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia. The last case centred around DNA evidence on a knife which the defence proved at the time was flawed, allowing Knox and Sollecito to be found not guilty. The debate over the case has rumbled on and now the Italian authorities after reviewing the evidence once again has ordered this retrial.

AmandaKnox natal

I have included Amanda’s natal chart on the left and the current transits on the right. Back in October 2012, I had a look at Amanda’s natal chart. In that article I wrote about her character as I saw her…

Amanda Knox was born on 9th July 1987 in Seattle, Washington at 02.47 am. Her Sun sits in the 2nd house of personal possessions and self worth in Cancer, along with Venus and Mercury, her Moon in enterprising Sagittarius and she has a Gemini Ascendant.  Cancerians are very family driven and security conscious, and Amanda’s energy will be used to protect herself and those she loves, however the Sagittarian Moon makes her need to expand her horizons and to have her opinions respected. Immediately on the Sun Moon combination, we have to question the motives of Amanda. We know with a Sagittarian Moon that going off to study in an foreign country, to expand one’s knowledge is a natural thing to do. The fact that it was language study is reflected by the Gemini Ascendant and it’s propensity to communicate.

But what of this Cancer Sun, with Venus and Mercury also in Cancer opposite Neptune. If anything this is a very gentle sentimental combination, idealistic, loving beauty, art, culture and music possibly. Yes Mercury opposite Neptune is liable to deceive, but there is no aggressive intent here. We do have the possibility of being over optimistic in love, a bit blinded by the whole idea, and with the Moon in the 7th house of partnerships in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus, we can safely say that Amanda would have been very keen to be in a relationship. Indeed unusual (Uranus) foreign (Sagittarius) men she would have found irresistible. There is a downside to this 7th house as Saturn is also found here. Saturn always shows fear and difficulty, and through her relationships, Amanda will have tough moments in her life. So it was to prove. That Saturn has a personal effect on her as it is opposite her Gemini Ascendant and makes an irritating and rather tricky inconjunct to her Sun. Any Saturn transit she will feel with almost double effect. In what area of her life would it particularly hit her? Capricorn, Saturn’s sign is on the 8th house of change and death and the 9th house of travel and higher education.

What else of the chart? Well we have we have a rather blunt and outspoken Mars in Leo in the  communicative third house square to both Pluto and Jupiter and opposite the Midheaven. Amanda does have a bit of an ego problem, an over confidence that could land her in hot water. Jupiter in Aries is very confident, possibly overly so. In the 12th house, that over confidence can lead to suffering. This is the house of institutions, including prisons. Mars Jupiter does tend to take risks and Mars Pluto is hugely determined and rather forceful. This aspect does indicate intensely passionate transformational relationships. This square is complemented by a Pluto Venus Mercury trine. More accent on relationships of a deep and dark nature. Also interestingly a link to communication of them through Mercury, through her memoires or serialisation. Me thinks she will make hay out of newspaper and book deals. Combined with a Mars Midheaven opposition we have a t-square which suggests that actions around the intense liaisons could be what she is publically known for and the actions around them, and with Pluto at the point of the t-square, the focus would be be very Plutonic in nature, accenting change, death, confinement, transformation. Finally Pluto is also at the point of a wedge, including that Venus Mercury trine and a sextile to Neptune. Neptune here brings uncertainty, a cloud of confusion in communication or in her case accusations, the dream of passionate union, of sexual bliss.

AmandaKnox transits

The transits hitting her chart now see the army of planets in Aries I have been highlighting recently now conjunct her North Node of destiny, square to that Mercury/Venus opposition to Neptune across the 2nd/8th axis of her chart, an unexpected occurrence that in a funny way may benefit her. With the financial angles of her chart stimulated by these square aspects, she is going to be back in the news again and her book sales may rocket. Jupiter transiting her 1st house will push her into the spotlight in an international sense too.

As I see it, there is little chance that she is ever going to be extradited from the US to Italy after the first trial acquitted her, although this decision may curb her ever traveling to Europe again if in the second trial held in her absence she is found to be guilty. The nature of foreign authorities issuing the retrial can be shown by transiting Saturn the planet of authority ruling both 8th houses of death and 9th houses of international affairs square to her Midheaven, her public reputation. Transiting Pluto also in that 8th house is opposing her chart ruler, Mercury, showing powerful and controlling forces against her.


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