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Always Rating Raymond ...

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We've enjoyed Saint Raymond now for some time, and with each song we hear, we wonder why his name isn't bigger than it is. His latest track, Everything She Wants, is as much of a single as every other track we've ever heard form the young talent and the infectiously Summery tune is sure to get you up, dancing, and loving the sun!!
Always Rating Raymond ...You'll notice plenty of his signature styles liasing with one another in this song, which shows that he really has put himself into a niche box in the industry ... a box which we really see him capitalising on.
The guitars are a little faster paced than what he may have done before, and the jazziness is even catchier than what we can remember ... furthermore, the subject of the song is somewhat changed. He has gone from being about a group of youths loving life, to one girl whom he has set his heart upon.
This single, we reckon you'll agree, is very The Kooks-esque in every single way. Now, we said earlier that it was pretty niche, which would suggest that you couldn't really have comparisons ... but what we mean when we compare Saint Raymond to The Kooks is that he sounds like The Kooks that just aren't around anymore. Their latest stuff has seen a change that has ventured them away from their roots ... and whilst The Kooks are away, Saint Raymond will play.
This, quite simply, is a little stunner ... and has gotten us all excited for the new EP; Ghosts.

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