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Always Be Yourself

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
I find that I'm always in a tug a war situation when it comes to beauty (I use this term to encompass beauty industry, fashion industry and physical beauty).  On one hand, I won't deny that I am not subject to the millions of dollars worth of online marking and "pretty" packaging.  There is a huge up and coming Korean beauty industry that dictates what Korean women are suppose to look like as well.  So sometimes I succumb to the fake eyelashes, dying my hair lighter, and even do a double eye lid to make my eyes look bigger.  I think I look prettier, but do I really? or is this just what the beauty industry has convinced me to be?
Beauty is such a strange creature that is nurtered by something a bit darker such as capitalism and the notion of what true beauty really is.  What is true beauty anyways? Each decade it changes and each century society defines that term for themselves.  I find myself in a dismay in my adult life and I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way.  I feel I know what I like, but do I really? I know what style I gravitates towards, so I suppose that is what my true style really is.  Either way, I contemplate this today because I spent most of my holiday at home watching kdramas (don't judge me :p) and couldn't help but feel less of a woman as I see these gorgeous Korean women with plastic surgery, weighing 100lbs wet, and dressed in these frilly, girly dresses (all the damn time).  I felt I needed to redefine my style and re-confirm that I am beautiful no matter what (that) society says.  As cheesy and cliche as that sounds, what else is a girl suppose to do when she's put up against such an unrealistic level of beauty and in many cultures, self worth.
I'll leave you with this awesome meme I found online which had me on the floor laughing. Yes, I'm a huge animal lover and a closet nerd (not so closet I think these days), but it's all about embracing self confidence and that is very rare these days.  Self-confidence has always been hard for me, but I feel like I need to believe it and own it in order to feel it.
Always be yourself So cute, god I want to squeeze the crap out of that adorable kitten lol.
Have a lovely Friday everyone and remember to be confident x

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