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Alton Brown is Fat Shaming Again

By Danceswithfat @danceswithfat

WTF are you doingI don’t know if Alton Brown is in the George Takei Club, or if George Takei is in the Alton Brown Club, or maybe they’re both in the Ariana Grande Club.  Regardless, just in case anyone wasn’t clear that Alton Brown is a weight bigot, he’s done his best to prove it in a recent article in The New York Times. Despite his commitment to understanding the science and food of cooking  – his show “Good Eats” was a fabulous show on which he not only showed how to cook something, but why and he often took time to do some myth busting – when it comes to fat people he can’t seem to get beyond cheap stereotypes and misinformation:

Obesity is not a disease…the second that our society starts thinking that shoveling Big Macs into our face is a disease then we’re done, we’re done as a culture.

Holy hyperbole Batman – even if every fat person did eat tons of Big Macs (spoiler alert – they don’t) and even if obesity was a disease (spoiler alert – it’s not) I feel like our culture would somehow manage to go on.

What the hell dude? Did he get confused and think that the Emmys were being voted on by Reddit this year?  How can I put this politely…STFU you bigoted, stereotyping, ridiculous asshole.  Yeah, that’ll do it.

I agree that being fat is not a disease diagnosis, but that’s because I know that having a weight in pounds times 703 divided by one’s height in inches squared that is over 30 is not a health diagnosis of any kind. It’s not because I like to engage in stereotyping and shaming of people who meet that definition.

Let’s go over it one more time Alton, and I’ll type slowly.   Body size is not behavior – it’s certainly not eating a single food.  There are plenty of thin people who shovel Big Macs into their faces.   Neither being fat nor eating a lot of Big Macs is a disease or, just to be clear, any business of yours when we’re talking about other people’s bodies and Big Macs.

If Alton really wants a better society, he could help by not engaging in bigotry and stereotypes.

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