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Alternative Power

Posted on the 19 December 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Alternative power was used for the first time in 1920, during electric vehicles and steam-powered capitulated to the internal combustion engine. An actual image is starting to appear on alternative power systems for the coming years. Millions of dollars have been spent for development of alternative power and still in developing new means of vehicle impulsion, that too with good reason. The automobile industry is underneath an increasing pressure to cut down pollution by developing eco-friendly cars.

Hybrid automobiles, which use electric motors and gas or diesel engines, also are being created with some positive outcomes. But hybrids are more expected to serve as a connection from one technology to the other.

It also will be attracting to see how auto manufacturers organize the proprietary technology that further develops fuel cells. Obviously the fuel cell developer will have a good deal of say in manufacturing and vehicle design in future.

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Certainly, the incorporation of any alternative power will not take place overnight. Such revolution could take 15 to 20 years before any thing could arise in technology. But if fuel cell demonstrates to the alternative power source the auto manufacturers are looking for, the result will be an impressive change in what makes a vehicle go; as well as the kind of plants required to produce them.

>It is very important to seek workable and affordable sources of alternative energy before the world completely uses the stock of fossil fuels which is already limited. Many countries have started working to introduce alternative power schemes and some have already invested money into exploring and even introducing different sources of renewable energy. While it is important that we become less dependent or not dependent at all on fossil fuels, many kinds of alternative power has its disadvantages as well as their noticeable advantages. It will show that advantages will outweigh the disadvantages in many cases.

Some of the examples of alternative power are wind energy, Bio Fuels, solar energy, hydropower and some other renewable sources.

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