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Alternative Left Getting Some Airplay

Posted on the 02 September 2015 by Calvinthedog

Hunter Wallace mentions me and the Alternative Left.

Wallace is a White nationalist. I am not exactly pro-White nationalism, but I would rather ally with those folks than these neoliberal Cultural Left Freakshow types on the so-called “Left”.

Neoliberal corporate globalist economics and the Cultural Left combines the worst of both the Left and the Right. This is today’s DNC Democratic Party. There literally is nothing here for any progressive person in my opinion.

The Left is about economics, or it is about nothing. Basing Left politics on culture is absurd. At best the Cultural Left is a sideshow, a distraction. At worst it is deculturalization as bad the McDonaldization of the globalists. There is nothing “progressive” about man-hating women, promotion of homosexuality, 31 flavors of sexual weirdness and gender-destroyers. What is even slightly progressive about any of this celebration of freakiness?

The Republicans are the same thing minus the Freakshow.

Marie Le Pen said, “There is no more Left and Right. Instead, there are globalists and nationalists.”

Chalk me up with the nationalists, in my case, leftwing nationalists (I know how nuts that sounds). What’s weird is Wallace et al on the Right are nationalists too, so they and I are now in some weird alliance against the Globalist Corporate Right, DNC Left and the Cultural Left. All three of these  are in bed with each other. They are all pushing deculturalization, deracination and what boils down to the dismantling of nation-states.

In this odd alliance, hopefully Wallace’s folks and I are for de-emphasis if not outright hostility to the Cultural Left, preservation of the wisdom or ages (your grandma was right), anti-gender feminism, anti-Gay Politics, anti-laissez faire capitalism, pro-men’s rights, pro-equity feminism, pro-tolerance but anti-celebration on sexual orientation, gender orientation and sexual freakism, pro-worker, pro-consumer, pro-environment, pro-people and most of all pro-community. And for me of course, the preservation of the nation my motto is distinct national cultures and traditions, of course national economies and welfare states. My motto is “Without the Homeland, there is nothing.”

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