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Alt Left: Theory: Gay and Transsexual People Have So Many Problems Because They Are Violating Natural Law

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

RL: “The law has to be above all of that, on a higher plane so to speak, like the difference between divine love and profane love (check out Plato on this). In this case, law should be based on the higher order of divine thinking as opposed to earthly profane thinking which is where the codification of the psychology of a gender would be.”

Laughing Sage: This is precisely where I stand on the matter. Male and Female are ultimately metaphysical principles encoded into the Divine Natural Law that is the Divine Order of the cosmos. This massively transcends the petty animal aspects of human nature. We’re these weird creatures possessing both crude animal and higher divine natures; though it’s often the former we default to. In other words, the paths of least resistance.

We’ve all-but-forgotten the divine, and if we fast-forward to the Current Year, we can clearly see that Western Modernity is in a diseased state, in that there is no longer any set of divine principles that inform the way we perceive reality, much less conduct our daily affairs. The reigning ideology is an incomprehensible (and ever-morphing) hodgepodge of utilitarian/hedonistic, positivist, materialist, and relativist presuppositions.

So the normie/NPC conservative will quickly jump to the conclusion that the simple fix to this degraded state of affairs is to dive back into that cesspool known as Judeo-Christian religiosity; which we could say is the source of many of our “traditional” distorted views on gender relations.

When in reality, the so-called trad-con who believe Hebrew fairy tales to be literal truth is little more than LARPing as something that can’t really be reconstructed in a sincere manner. Nietzsche rightly observed that (((god))) is dead. I would say good riddance since that concept of divinity was never more than a sick contrivance a 2,500 year old (((priesthood))) of scribes conjured up as a sick means of mind-controlling the commoners in a tiny little backwoods province of the Achaemenid Persian empire at the time.

From the get-go, Abrahamism considered women to be only half-human. Much of the “patriarchy” feminists screech about is actually just Abrahamic ideology. Our Pagan ancestors tended to have much more balanced religious views on gender, even if their cultural practices were very much centered on male power. I consider myself a Gnostic btw, FWIW, i.e. most people won’t get where the fuck I’m coming from.

To restore the natural gender balance, we need to rediscover Divinity in a manner that’s in harmony with Natural Law, not a bunch of made up laws some corrupted priesthood pulled out of their asses several millennia ago.

I have written a number of posts on the Masculine and Feminine Principles. As the commenter notes, one way or parsing reality is dualistic. You can divide the universe into one each of two more or less opposing principles. In the above case, we can divide a lot of the universe, at least the human universe, into the Masculine and Feminine Principles. I am following Otto Weininger here. And I have created a list of Masculine and Feminine qualities for a variety of ideas. I think you can find it in the Major and Minor Research Pieces, or I will just post it again.

I also agree about Natural Law, about which much more below. To me this means that Nature simply intends for humans to live our lives in a certain way. Now why it got set up that way, who knows? But maybe evolutionarily we selected for this mode of existence over the others. Anyway, it seems like when humans get outside of their natural roles, and this does include sex roles, things start to screw up.

Face facts. Feminine men and masculine women are messed up. As men become more feminine, women become more masculine to balance it out – and I also think a lot of the “balancing” you see is Natural Law, as Nature seems to like balance and seems to always be striving for it. As we humans are products of Nature, we also seek balance.

I wrote about homosexuals a while back. I do support gay rights and feel that all gay men and many lesbians are biologically created and cannot be changed, and hence we must accept them no matter how odd they seem to us.

But let’s face facts here! Homosexuality is weird! It’s not normal! Normal is for males to be masculine and desire sex/love with feminine females. Normal is for women to be feminine and to desire sex/love with masculine men. I mean that’s just the way human societies are all over the world. You go anywhere on Earth to any tribal society, and it’s like this. You go back in time and it’s always been this way.

I see something online about a woman and she looks like a man or a boy. Then the article says she’s a lesbian. Well, look, I am very sorry, but that’s just weird. I know, I know they can’t help it. I know they got wired up that way. Yes, they need equal rights and yes, we should be kind no matter what. But it’s still weird. And to be completely honest, I don’t really like it.

I have been studying famous writers lately, as I am a writer. So many of the women were lesbians! And gay male writers were not uncommon. This is particularly true for poets and much less true of novelists and nonfiction writers.

But I’m looking through some excellent poet’s bio, and I look up say, Vita Sackville-West, H.D., or Djuna Barnes, and see a woman dressed like a boy with ugly short hair, and then I read this writer was a lesbian. I say to myself, “Damn! Another dyke!” That’s because really I would prefer her to have been a normal feminine straight woman who liked men because those are the kind of women I prefer. Anything else is just weird. Lesbians are weird to me. That’s not what I like. I like feminine women who like cock. Women who dress and act like men who hate cock and love women instead? Man, that’s just weird.

Now we have gay men. Well, something is clearly off here. Men are supposed to be masculine and prefer feminine women for sex/love. Anything else is odd and off-kilter. Instead, gay men are feminine, act like women and at times dress like them, and desire masculine men. Just like a woman, except it’s a man. These are men who are essentially taking on a female role and adopting female sexuality.

But to me that’s weird. I’m sorry.

As above, they deserve full rights of course, and it’s important to be kind especially if they can’t help it. But I can’t get over thinking that there’s something messed up and abnormal about this. It’s not right. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

I was looking up the great poet James Merrill the other day, and I guess I had him confused with Robert Lowell, who was a macho stud and poet. So I was hoping Merrill was this straight macho stud. He didn’t exactly look the part, so I was a bit confused.

I came to the part in the bio where it talked about his first sexual relationship being with his university teacher. Something was off about it. I read a bit more down and there he was with his arm around a man. I did a double-take. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page. Sure enough, Merrill was gay. I said to myself, “Oh no! Don’t tell me he’s a fag!” I was so disappointed. I was crushed.

I was all set to like this guy as someone who was like me, who valued the things I valued, and loved the things I loved, and that just crushed it. He was still a great poet and I’m sure he’s worth reading. But there’s now this distance between me and him, this chasm. He’s just not like me and not like how I prefer men to be.

Now this makes me a homophobe? I hope not.

Now maybe it’s ok for 3% of the population to be strange outliers like this. But there are all sorts of abnormal and maladaptive things that occur at low levels in humans. They stay in the gene pool because they’re not so non-adaptive that carriers can’t breed. And homosexuality may just be caused by variations in hormones in the womb anyway, so it may not be subject to genetic pressure in the first place.

I saw some stuff about transsexuals which are nothing but extreme versions of homosexuals in a lot of cases. Even where they are not, they act like it. Crossdressers, transvestites and autogynephiles are doing a “gay type of thing.” These are men who dress and act like women, and in fact, insist that they are women! In many cases, they have a female sexuality, that is, they are extremely feminine men who desire masculine men, so feminine that they actually believe they are the opposite sex.

On the other side, 99% of transmen are lesbians. These are women who dress and act like men and who desire sex with women. Well, that’s what a man does. So they’re playing a male role, and they exhibit male sexuality. In the case of transmen this is so extreme that they actually believe that they are men and even have their breasts chopped off! Most retain their vaginas though because “bottom surgery” is very involved and difficult for women.

You trying to tell me this transsexual stuff is normal? Hell no, it’s not normal!

I don’t have any idea what causes it.

True transwomen, 10%, do have brains that are female-shifted.

The autogynephiles have normal male brains that differ in a few areas from men’s or women’s brains. Autogynephiles seem to be more created than inborn.

Transmen are just extreme lesbians and this is caused by whatever causes lesbianism.

But in many cases, people are adopting these identities who are not even transsexual. They are just confused, following peer pressure, or mentally ill.

But if homosexuality is abnormal, then transsexualism is profoundly abnormal, almost freakish, which is how it’s been seen forever now.

I prefer my people to be heterosexual with a normal sex role.

Anyway, transsexuals are quite miserable and have the highest levels of mental disorder and the greatest number of mental disorders of anyone who is seen clinically. They’re profoundly unhealthy mentally. So they’re crazy.

Now I don’t hate crazy people. I work with them all the time as part of my job, and I’m a bit nuts myself. But crazy isn’t normal. Nor is it good. Or acceptable. Or ok or all right. It’s generally something that needs fixing.

Transsexuals live very difficult lives with the highest level of suicide attempting (41%) of any group. Fully 32% of transwomen in India die of suicide. In the West, it is “only” 19%.

Transitioning to the opposite sex seems to make them better but not well by any metric. They’re still quite crazy and have all sorts of problems and issues even after transitioning. I am thinking that in a lot of cases the mental disorder may be causing the transsexualism. Or merely the state of being transsexual is a sign of being nuts and existing as a transsexual itself is crazy-making so we have a vicious circle where being crazy causes a syndrome which seems to make you crazy just by having it. So being crazy ends up making you more crazy.

Gay men and lesbians have very high rates of mental disorder, interpersonal turmoil, unhappiness, suicide attempts, medical problems, loneliness, and difficulties in personal relationships. Both gay men and lesbians see their lifespans shortened by fully 20 years. So these people have a lot of issues too.

Now I’d love to see gay men, lesbians and even transsexuals to be as happy as clams or at least as happy as the rest of us. I don’t wish misery upon them, as the vast majority haven’t done anything all that bad. At worst the autogynephiles are just nuts or foolish, and I don’t hate people for that.

But I am starting to wonder if maybe gay men, lesbians, and transsexuals are violating Natural Law in some way. What I mean is that perhaps nature intended men to be masculine and desire sex/love with feminine women and women to be feminine and desire sex/love with masculine men. After all, that’s the default all through space and time.

So if you go against this, say by doing the opposite, you’re going against the way Nature intended you to live. And I am thinking that when we humans go against the way Nature intended us to live, we start to develop all sorts of problems. We’re unhappy and dysfunctional. We develop mental illnesses. We drink and smoke too much. We get sick too much. Our interpersonal relationships don’t work well. We attempt and commit suicide. And we knock a lot of years off of our lifespan.

Now if this really is Mother Nature fighting back and punishing these people for going against Natural Law, that does not make me happy. For one thing, their problems seem incurable then, and I’d love to be able to fix their issues.

But this is what I mean when I say I have become an adherent of Natural Law.

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By Ivy Rose
posted on 28 September at 03:18

You’re confusing gender identity and sexual orientation/preference. They are not the same.