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Alt Left: The Problems with the Very Concept of Intersectionalism

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

Phil: The only real way to “bypass it” is to support intersectionality-esque causes that specifically focuses on demographics that faces this kind of stuff.

It hurts to even use that word. In principle it makes sense that different subgroups have different needs, but making a hierarchy out of it becomes a black hole.

I agree. In theory, intersectionality sounds like a great idea. Real cool and progressive! No, I mean really, I look at a project like that and my leftwing mind instantly says, “Wow, what a great idea!”

The thing is, I’m not sure if any of this stuff is a great idea.

Intersectionality is based on this idea that there are all these oppressed groups in society like women, gays, trannies, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and whatever. It’s really dubious whether some of these people are even oppressed. Women are barely oppressed anymore, and nowadays they have a lot of advantages over men. Gays make twice as much money as straight men. How the Hell are they oppressed? Yes, Black people have some issues, ok.

Hispanics are oppressed? Really? How? Is there any discrimination against them? I’m not aware of any.

Asians are oppressed? LOL right. They’re the most successful ethnic group in the country. I’m really sorry that they’re crying all the way to the bank! Oh, poor Asians!

Basically everyone who’s not White gets to join the intersectionals and automatically be oppressed.

Nobody likes the trannies, ok, but the problem is that 90% of them are crazy. People don’t like them because they’re crazy and weird, and almost all of them were certainly not born that way. They’re just a bunch of people who decided of their own free will to be some of the biggest weirdos on Earth.

That right there is fairly harmless as long as it doesn’t catch on. I mean there are good weird people, who are strange but decent and there are bad weird people, who are strange but dangerous. Trannies are pretty much good weird people.

Problem is that as usual most of these groups hate each other. None of the non-White ethnics like gays or trannies. They consider them to be sickos and freaks. Gays are not less racist than anyone else. There are countless racist gay White men. Why in the Hell would women be any less racist than men? Is there a male gene connected to racism? Women are obviously just as racist as men.

All of the non-White groups hate the women intersectionals, not for being women but for being feminists. A lot of the female intersectionals hate the trannies.

The feminists hate the men of all of these groups: ethnic men, gay men, tranny men – if you’re a man, they hate you.

The whole idea that by being oppressed these groups would fall in love with each other is nu ts.

Another serious problem with intersectionality is once you posit that a group is oppressed, you have to posit a group that is doing the oppressing. The oppressed group becomes the GOOD group and the oppressing group becomes the BAD group.

So they have designed Whites, White men and to some extent heterosexual White men as the bad guys.

We have problems already.

Intersectionality says Whites are the enemy, but what about White feminists, lesbians, gay men, and trannies? Are they the enemy too?

Intersectionality says that men are the enemy. Once again we have problems because the intersectional crowd is full of men. What about Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. men? What about gay men? What about male trannies? Are they all evil too?

Intersectionals don’t really believe that heterosexuals are the enemy, but I would say that they think heterosexual men are the enemy. Ok, what about Black, Hispanic, and Asian men? Are they the enemy?

This thing was doomed from the start. And now we see the predictable stupidity of the Left asininely cannibalizing itself like it always does. Feminists have declared war on straight men period via #metoo, and they have taken a lot of leftwing men down. They have also taken quite a few Black, Hispanic, and Asian men down.

This thing had a thousand contradictions before it even started.

It is for these reasons that while this looks like a groovy leftwing project from afar, once you get close up to it’s just a mirage and instead of imbibing the cool waters of a desert lake, you’re drinking a mouthful of sand.

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