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Alt Left: The Early US Feminist Movement and the Concept of “Sleeping with the Enemy”

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

The feminist movement has been Puritanical and sex-hating from Day One, which is simply a reflection of the profound Puritanism and sex-negativity of most women.

A lot of women in the feminist movement back then were running around saying that you could only be a feminist if you were a lesbian. Feminists who loved men and had boyfriends and husbands were derided as “sleeping with the enemy.”

Many feminist gay men tried to link up with these feminists and go to their meetings, but the feminists soon through them out too, simply because they were men, never mind that they were gay. Some of these radical  gay men then went on to form the earliest Men’s Liberation Movement because they realized the feminists cared nothing at all about men and in fact, wished us nothing but ill will. These gay men linked up with their straight brothers in Men’s Lib around a sense of loving being men and being proud men. Some of the best early manifestos of the Men’s Lib movement, written around 1975, were written by gay men.

Anyway, so a lot of straight radical feminists converted to lesbianism, but I think most of them went back to being straight. There are still many radical feminists to this very day who have taken up lesbianism simply because of their profound hatred for men. These are basically straight women, and what I have heard is that these political lesbians have little if any sex with other women. It makes sense if they are just straight women after all.

If you want to know why I hate feminism so much, it’s because I realize that the insanity that I wrote above is part and parcel of what feminism is all about, and it’s been this way from Day One, all the way back to the suffragettes. The suffragettes had a good cause of course, but many were ferocious man- haters. You should go look up quotes from the early separatists and they sound a lot like radical feminists today.

Feminism is, among other things, a hate movement against men, in my opinion. So I cannot support it at all, and in fact I regard feminists as my worst enemies.

I suppose any group of oppressed people who fight for their rights are going to start hating the group that is keeping them down.

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