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Alt Left: How to (Not) Have a Revolution

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Rod Fleming: There is a mainstream orthodoxy applicant in much of academia today that insists ‘gays’ are all the same and ‘trans’ are all the same. THEY ARE NOT. To say that they are is a PC untruth.

Laughing Sage: Ahh yes, the product of the intersectional insanity that has taken over the Left. People are classified into “identity” groups which are in-turn treated like monolithic blocs where no variation of personality or aspirations within is recognized by the ideologue promoting this crap.

When in fact, those of us in the know clearly recognize intersectional leftism as being yet another insidious form of divine and conquer sponsored by the elites who wish to see all us little people perpetually at one another’s throats over the most petty and nonsensical BS imaginable; of course to divert as much attention as possible away from their unrelenting malfeasance and abuse. The fake Left/Right divide wasn’t enough apparently.

I am starting to wonder about this. I mean let’s look at it this way. After feminism had got going a ways and had gotten the women to hate the men, there were some theories thrown about that feminism was actually started by the CIA to divide the working class. I’m not sure if it was ever proven, but dīvide et imperā is as old as the Romans, and people in power continue to use this brilliant tactic to consolidate power and get rid of their enemies to this very day.

  1. Let’s get all the female workers to hate all the male workers (feminism)! Great idea!
  2. Now let’s get all the Black workers to hate all the White workers (modern antiracism) Wow cool!
  3. Now let’s get all the Hispanic workers to hate all the White workers too! Oh yeah!
  4. Oh, Hell, let’s get all the non-White workers to hate the White workers. Yes!
  5. Now let’s get all the gay workers to hate all the straight workers! Wow, neat!
  6. Now let’s get all the trans workers to hate all the cis workers and while we are it, let’s set the trans workers against the female workers so we can have even more fun. Nice!
  7. Ok, and now one more. Let’s important millions of unskilled or barely skilled workers a year, uneducated peasants and proletarians from the 3rd World, pay them far less than we pay native workers, and get them to hate all the native workers! Hell yeah!

Ok everybody, now let’s get all the workers together and have a revolution!…

…Long pause during which no revolution or even hint of one appears.

Whoa, what happened? None of the workers will work together because they all hate each other. D’oh! How did that happen?

Oh noes! After we got the female workers to hate all the male workers, the male workers all went rightwing! I wonder why they did that? Those evil Nazis! Mommy help!

And after we got all the non-White workers to hate all the White workers, the White workers all went rightwing. They’re wingnut scums! Oh Lordy!

After we set the gays and the trans against straight and cis, a lot of the straight cis workers went rightwing! They’re such bigots! I’m crying!

And after we got all the immigrant workers to hate all the native workers and hired them for half the wages, a lot of the native workers went rightwing. Let’s go get them and bash and fash! Now I’m sad!

We can’t have a revolution in the first place because the workers all hate each other, and half the workers went rightwing, turned into Nazis, developed false consciousness, a bourgeois mindset,  allied with their oppressors as class traitors, and started attending faux Mussolini rallies! Mom help! I think I really screwed up here, please come help me Mom!

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