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Alt Left: Feminists Are Going to Hate You No Matter If You Can Get Laid Or Not

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

The odd thing about feminists is that one of the most common things they say towards any man who opposes them or disagrees with them is, “Well obviously you can’t get laid.” As if opposing feminism would reduce the chances of men having sex to zero! I can’t believe how deluded they are. It’s pretty disgusting that feminists are always attacking the men who disagree with them by chiding them for being incels or male virgins or whatever. You would think that feminists, being grownups, would be above such a thing, but nope!

I would also like to point out that all SJW’s automatically say this about any man with disagrees with their Cultural Left BS. “Well obviously you can’t get laid!” As if opposing PC politics makes it so no woman will go out with you! How deluded are these people?

The main reason that SJW’s and feminists say this to men is that they know that that is one of the worst insults you can say to a man. So they’re trying to hit our Achilles heels. In fact they are shooting nuclear weapons at our Achilles heels. Why do they act this vicious towards men? Because most feminists out and out hate men and most SJW’s out and out hate straight men, especially straight White men.

A lot of feminists come right out and say that they wished all men were gay because then we would leave them alone and not try to date or have sex with them. They’re actually furious that we have a sex drive and we try to get laid like normal human males. It really pisses them off! And this mindset is what is really at the base of the whole #metoo BS.

I am confused though. If feminists wish we would just leave women the Hell alone and go have sex with guys instead, shouldn’t they be happy with men who are not getting laid like virgins, incels or just men with a dry spell? I mean these men are leaving women alone, right?

Sure feminists hate men who don’t get any, so if you are successful with women, then it logically follows that feminists should love you, right?


They’re going hate us men no matter what our sex drives our like.

While unsuccessful men are treated as pathetic losers by feminists, these women really hate men who are successful with women too. Feminists think that all men who are successful with women, especially players, playboys, womanizers, etc. are all creeps, rapists, and pedophiles.

And if these men are not dangerous weirdos and criminals, they’re not off the hook either because that just means that these men are predators, users, and abusers of women.

Mostly feminists refuse to credit any men with being successful with women. If they ever hear about a man who had a lot of success with women, they always call him a liar and insist that he’s just making it up, that these stories are fantasies, and that these men are really just incels like the guy above. This seems odd but it makes sense because feminists don’t want to say anything complimentary to any man or make any man look good in any way.

You don’t get laid, they hate you.

You get laid and do great with women, and they hate you.

No matter what you do with feminists, you’re always wrong and bad, and they always hate your guts.

If you’re a man, you can’t win with feminists.

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