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Alt Left: Feminism Is For Women and There’s Nothing In It for Men

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

This is an article of faith with feminists and feminists get furious if when bringing up, say, male violence against women, we point out that men kill other men at 4-9 times the rate at which we kill women. So men go out of their way to select other men for violence and they go dramatically out of their way to deselect women for violence and murder. Men go out of their way to not commit violence against women, and men get the brunt of men’s violence. Women are getting off easy!

Of course feminists get furious when you say this, and a shocking number of them come right out and say that they don’t care what happens to men. They don’t care if other men are victimized by male violence at 4-9 times the rate of women. They could care less about male victims of violence.

There is even a typical phrase that they use called “What about the men?” Whenever any feminist brings up the plight of men, they are immediately hit with this response despite the fact that in many areas, including male violence, men and women have a lot in common and really ought to work together.

But nope. Feminism is just for women. We men can go take a hike. A lot of them even say that there is no such thing as a male feminist. Believe me, I wish there was no such thing as a male feminist! Those are some of the worst men on Earth, and I hate them with a passion. These feminists say that only women can be feminists, and men can be  “allies” but never actual feminists.

This fixation on women to the exclusion or detriment of men has gotten some laughs. A common joke is the newspaper headline after the world is destroyed:

World Destroyed! Women Disproportionately Effected.

Well, fine ladies, if this is the way you want to have it, ok then. But with an attitude like that towards us, why shouldn’t we just say, “You know what? The Hell with feminism. And the Hell with feminists.”

What’s wrong with a reaction like that? It’s exactly what the feminist attitude that feminism is only for women would be expected to provoke in men.

Ladies, give us men one reason to be friendly towards this movement called feminism.


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