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Alt Left: Ending Discrimination Against Gays and Lesbians Doesn’t Solve Their Problems

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Laughing Sage: The question is: are they violating natural law by way of their chosen lifestyles or simply by virtue of their in-born condition(s)? The latter seems implausible to me and just raises all sort of rabbit hole debates regarding thins like karma and reincarnation.

Another question that comes to mind: is a wild sexual deviant any more in violation of Natural Law than an otherwise sexually normal person who chooses to devote their current earthly incarnation to heavy drug or alcohol addiction or something like abusing the people most close to them?

The optimistic part of me wants to believe that there are healthier life paths for men born with strong feminine psychological traits and women with strong masculine ones.

I do pretty much agree however that a natural-born gay man living a degenerate full-on poz lifestyle is a direct affront to Natural Law. If they chose that then it’s on them. But such things should never be openly promoted or praised by the general culture. That’s just fucked.

Wallowing in drug and alcohol abuse is pretty much a violation of Natural Law. What if you had whole nations doing that. The more of that that goes on, the more problems you have.

Men have been mean and abusive towards their children and wives forever now. Society somehow carried on. I figure this has gone on so long that this is unfortunately an acceptable path for Natural Law to find humans on. Obviously, it’s not optimal and it causes all sorts of strife and unpleasantness, but whole societies have been living like this forever and the world carried on nevertheless.

It doesn’t seem to work when mothers are abusive towards their children. Look what happens to kids when their mother is mean to them. That violates Natural Law for sure.

And it violates Natural Law for humans to be mean and abusive to most folks around  them. Such people don’t end up living very good lives because everyone hates and shuns them.

Clearly the gay lifestyles violate Natural Law, but maybe this is the only way they can end up.

They have all sorts of pathologies, high rates of mood and anxiety disorders, they drink and smoke too much, take too many drugs, are often lonely, have difficult interpersonal relationships, attempt and complete suicide a lot, live 20 years less.

People have been arguing about this forever now and it keeps going back to the fact that they are discriminated against.

But now we have new studies coming out of Sweden and Denmark, probably the two gay-friendliest places on Earth, and we see the same picture. They’re all screwed up with the same profile as above. Now I am not sure if the figures are lower in Scandinavia or not. If so, then the lowered rates would be due to lack of discrimination. But anyway, ending discrimination against them doesn’t seem to fix gay people. And in these two countries, once again, gay men and lesbians live 20 years less than straight people. So lack of discrimination doesn’t affect their lifespan either.

Well I got to thinking about this. One theory is that, let’s face facts, something has gone wrong in homosexuality. If that wasn’t true then huge numbers of us would be gay. It’s looking now like all the men and a lot of the women have their homosexuality caused by fluctuations in sex hormone levels in the womb. And at the same time, these same fluctuations cause a developmental disorder than can manifest in all sorts of ways – increased criminality, pedophilia, sadism and other paraphilias, left-handedness, abnormal fingerprints, and more anxiety and mood disorders.

All of these are sequalae of the hormone changes that also can cause the developmental disorder known as homosexuality. In addition, some true transsexuals (maybe 10% of them) also seem to be caused by a developmental disorder caused once again by these fluctuating hormone levels.

Well that’s one theory. Another is social, spiritual, philosophical, evolutionary, or whatever.

If gays and lesbians are still all messed up when you get rid of the discrimination, then is it possible homosexuality is one of those things that is not meant to be. We humans are not wired up to go that way. So homosexuals and their relationships might tend to be out of balance. Maybe homosexuality is like putting a square peg in a round hole. It’s just not supposed to work that way.

In that case, yes, it would be something inherent in homosexuality itself that would cause all the problems above. The lifestyles that we all like to complain about which doubtless add to the pathological picture may simply be the natural, normal way that gay men and lesbians would be expected to conduct themselves in most cases.

I have read reports from Florence, Paris, Rome and other cities in medieval times. There was quite a bit of male homosexuality going on in the cities despite harsh penalties. The men were known to be very promiscuous, and they often met in the parks at night for brief hookups. Now that was Florence, Italy in 1500 but it could be San Fransisco, California in 2018, right?

And then I got to thinking. I thought, “They’re all the same!” Even 500 years ago, gay men were living the precise same lifestyles they do now in some ways. Because…maybe…this is simply the normal life path for a gay man in human society.

Now I would be overjoyed if gay men and lesbians could reduce the rate of these problems they suffer from and live happier, healthier, long lives, but I am starting to wonder if this is even possible. And that doesn’t make me feel very good.

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