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Alt Left: All Civil Rights Movements Come with a Huge Amount of Hate Attached to Them

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

I suppose any group of oppressed people who fight for their rights are going to start hating the group that is keeping them down. They need to be supported in getting their rights but not in hating the Other. But it seems that one simply goes with the other. So feminists hate the men who’ve been keeping them down.

Radical Blacks (but not the Civil Rights Movement per se) hate the Whites who kept them down.

The early Gay Lib movement hated heterosexuals, who they called breeders. They wrote screeds saying they were going to get to all boys when they were young and have sex with them and thereby convert them to homosexuality.

Radical Hispanics hate Whites, who they call pilgrims or invaders.

Radical Asians hate Whites and some hate Asian women who have sex with White men.

Some transsexuals hate non-transsexuals. Where do you think “die cis scum” came from. And male transsexuals have completely declared war on the TERF’s or trans exclusive radical feminists, who are very critical of most transsexual men. These women have received a lot of threats and some have been assaulted.

Quite a few Jews hate Gentiles, especially the Orthodox and the ones in Israel. Really all Jews used to be this way until the last 200 years. In 1800, a proper Orthodox Jew in Europe would not eat or even so much as have tea with a Gentile. It was considered contaminating. With the rise of the Reform and Conservative splits in Judaism, a lot of the Gentile hatred went away, but many Jews still have a dim view of Christians, who after all harmed them for so many centuries.

Some American Indians hate Whites and on some reservations, White people, especially White men, are quite unwelcome.

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