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All The Leaves Are Brown....

By Simonea
All The Leaves Are Brown....
Hello again, hello!Not for the first time this year, I haven't been blogging as regularly as I once did....I don't think it's intentional since I write posts all the time in my's easy to get out of a routine though &, of course, life gets in the way.I have suddenly become aware though that many of the blogs that I ever started reading when I started my own blog 6 years ago have stopped writing.My friend Lou mentioned the very same thing the other day and - not for the first time - I found myself nodding in recognition & agreement.
I check Instagram more regularly than I used to & find a great deal of inspiration there - although I will always love the written word & a good blogpost.
My plan for the next month however, is to blog more....let's see how that goes!
All The Leaves Are Brown....

So, my children returned to school a couple of weeks ago & already it feels as though they've been back forever. It's a big year for them both and - so far - they are both having a really good year....something already feels so much better than last year.
A good friend remarked to me this morning that I seem more "robust" this (academic) year....and she's right, I definitely feel that way. The saying that you're only as happy as your unhappiest child has popped up in my mind a lot these past few weeks - life at secondary school can be a challenge for the most confident teenager & now that things appear to be improving & moving on for my daughter, I realize how worried I have been & how, try as you might, it's hard to step back, not to worry & to separate your own life from your child's life, they're too entwined.
Touchwood, fingers crossed, wish upon a star....that things continue to go well.
All The Leaves Are Brown....
What else? Well, I've been shopping for autumn, who can resist the change in seasons & a tempting new pair of winter boots? And of course, September in London has already given us all weathers, sometimes all in one day. After about 10 hours of non-stop rain the other day, I had completely had enough....wind & cold, yes, torrential rain no!
The urge to buy winter clothes overcame me so strongly last week & I bought 2 jumpers, 2 cardigans & a pair of boots in the space of half a hour = total bliss!!I've just made some of my favorite French Onion Soup for dinner & cannot wait for long autumn walks & talks across Hampstead Heath, this is definitely my favorite season.
My policy of "Any Colour As Long As It's Grey" goes on.....paint, furniture, bedlinen.We are gearing up for another major house project - the loft conversion - but in the meantime, we are painting, decluttering, decorating, planning, starting to work on the hallway....the list goes on. 
There is always something of September & that "back to school" feeling that makes me want to plan things & make changes not just for my children, but for myself too.I can feel myself looking for something new & also to make some changes...I have a significant birthday coming up next year & that is definitely motivating me, funny how that happens.
That's a discussion for another day the meantime, good to be back & happy weekend!!All The Leaves Are Brown....

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