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Alain Soral Indicted for a Drawing

Posted on the 25 September 2015 by Calvinthedog
Drawing in question.

Drawing in question.

This is the drawing for which Alain Soral was arrested. It appeared on the website of his organization, drawn by someone named Hugo. The drawing is a bit hard to figure out, but the tracks and building in the background are a World War 2 concentration camp where Jews were massacred and the train tracks leading to the camp. A woman stands on the track, dressed lewdly like a whore. She has Jewish stars of David over her breasts and holds coins in one hand.

Above the drawing it says: Pornographic Memorial. So instead of the memorial museums to the Holocaust that the Jews build in every city in the West, we have a memorial museum to pornography, money and the Jews.

The Jews represent money and porn. The drawing suggests that the Jews should build memorial museums to money and porn instead of the Holocaust.

That’s in pretty bad taste.

For one thing, it insults the memory of the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were exterminated for no good reason. It ties the memory of the Holocaust in with money and porn, which it says the Jews are responsible for. So what we think of when we think of the Jews is money, porn and the Holocaust. That is sort of what I think of when I think of Jews, but I am not going to draw an insulting drawing to insult the memory of the dead and taint the martyrs with cheap, tawdry sex and easy money.

It’s not really Holocaust revisionism, but Soral and his crowd are very big on that too, so that may be in the back of their mind. But it definitely makes light of the Holocaust and cheapens and minimizes the horror of what happened.

All in all, a very sleazy, offensive and yes, antisemitic in the worst sense cartoon.

I don’t think people should go to jail for being antisemitic jackasses like this, but then the French have some bad memories that we don’t have. I generally object to all these crazy hate speech laws.

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By Glhm Slns
posted on 27 September at 19:41

I don't think you interpret the drawing the right way. What it caricatures is the idea that the hollocaust is always used by zionist jews to shut down any form of criticism of the politics of israel or of judaism in general. This is what Alain Soral and others call "memorial pornography" (and not "pornographic memorial") the pornographic aspect of the "memory", a word that stands for a moral need to remember the shoah. It has nothing to do with any idea that the jews control pornography (is that even a proper stereotype anyway ??)

It's just the fact that the hollocaust is constantly shoved into people's face to make them feel guilty that they consider to be "pornography".

That being said, it is an insulting drawing to the victims of the shoah, it's an understandable reaction from fed up french people but it's still not a very nice thing to draw.